Tons Of Solangelo

A Collection of Solangelo for your soul :)


10. Thalia

~~It had been a few months since Thalia had seen or spoken to Nico di Angelo or her brother. The huntresses of Artemis weren't supposed to think about or speak to boys after all, demigods or no. After some persuasion on the part of Phoebe and some of the other hunters Thalia had been granted time to send two Iris Messages, one to Jason and one to Nico.

Jason, of course, was first.

Depositing a coin into a fountain Thalia prayed to the goddess Iris and was immediately connected to Jason at Camp Half Blood,

"Thalia!" the blonde boy was happy to see his sister, readjusting his glasses on his face he beamed at the older girl, "hey, how are you?"

"I'm great, how's everything at camp?" Thalia smiled back easily, for all the years they were apart Thalia still looked at Jason like the little boy she'd known all those years ago,

"Oh yeah everything's been going great, you know we convinced Chiron to make meal times more Roman? Yeah no one has to sit at a table for just their Godly parent anymore you can sit wherever you like!"

"How on earth did you get Chrion to agree to that?" Thalia asked, she never in a million years thought the old Centaur would agree to anything that differed from years of tradition,

"Well Percy helped, Frank, Hazel and Nico too since they've all been to Camp Jupiter" Jason launched into an explanation about how they were making changes at Camp Half Blood and even laughed at his stories about encounters with things like the climbing wall and capture the flag, "I got Nico and Percy on my team now and Annabeth has Piper on hers and even with all three of us we still lost!"

"How is Nico these days?" Thalia asked, her last encounter with the Son of Hades hadn't really given her time to catch up with the boy especially after what happened with his sister and the hunters of Artemis,

"Nico? Yeah he's fine, Will's taking good care of him" Jason said offhandedly

"Will?" Thalia could only think of one person called Will at Camp and that was Will Solace, Apollo's son. He was a healer if Thalia remembered right, "Is Nico not well? I mean does he spend a lot of time in the infirmary?"

"Oh man you don't know!" Jason paled, "I'm not saying anything till you speak to Nico, he'll kill me if I say anything!"

This only made Thalia curious, what on earth could Nico and Will Solace be doing that Jason feared for his life if he told Thalia? She ended her Iris message with Jason promising to see him as soon as she could and, fishing out another golden drachma from her pocket prayed to the goddess once more this time to connect her to Nico Di Angelo.


Nico and Will weren't expecting company; as such the pair was lying on top of Nico's bunk in various states of undress. Since being 'outed' as a couple they'd spent a lot more time in Nico's cabin since it was the only place they could be alone. Jason Grace and Percy Jackson walking in like they owned the place notwithstanding,

"Gods Nico" Will murmured into the younger boys neck, inbetween peppering it with kisses and small bites,

"Ah Will" Nico's hands were tangled in Will's golden hair and he was mumbling in Italian, "Tesoro, diletto, adorato"

"I don't know what you're saying darlin but keep saying it" Will grabbed a hold of Nico's wrists as they untangled from his hair and pinned the dark haired boy's hands above his head while Will peppered kisses all along Nico's hips,

"Delizia, gioia, il piacere, godimento" Nico was fairly sure his grasp on the English language had failed by this point, Will's breath was hot on his stomach and he squirmed in his lovers grasp,

"Nico, babe, you're amazing" Will drawled as his kisses moved lower along Nico's hips his breath ghosting slightly over Nico's still clothed lower half, "who knew Death the Kid was so lovely"

"D-don't call me that" Nico gasped slightly as Will's kisses got very close to the waistline of his black jeans,


Thalia Grace's voice made both Nico and Will jump away from each other and look throughout the cabin for the source of the voice. A small fountain in the corner of the room that Nico could swear wasn't there before was showing the image of a very shocked looking Thalia, her sky blue eyes widened to almost cartoonish proportions,

"T-thalia?" Nico stammered trying to find his shirt, "what are you doing?"

"I could ask you that! What the hell?" 

"Um well, I'm gay" Nico offered as explanation, "and I'm dating Will"

"You're fourteen Nico! How old is Solace?" 

"I'm sixteen ma'am" Will replied, apparently even he knew better than to argue with the daughter of Zeus,

"Gods above Nico he's two years older than you!" Thalia was apparently still shocked at what she'd stumbled into,

"Look Thalia I get that you're just trying to look out for me here but Will and I are together and yes he's older than me but I mean technically I was born in the 40s so I'm older than him"

Thalia's face lost its surprised look and she stared at Will who fidgeted nervously. It was one thing to have everyone and their cousin know about the pair at camp but another for an immortal daughter of the lord of the skies himself to know and be apparently rather furious about the whole thing.

After a few moments of silence Thalia spoke again,

"Did you call him 'Death the Kid'?" Thalia asked staring at Will before bursting into a fit of laughter, "Gods I'm sorry Nico but death the kid? That’s hilarious!"

"It is not!" Nico knew his face was red, he knew Will gave him ridiculous nicknames but he'd hoped to keep the other people who knew about it to a minimum,

"There's nothing wrong with it, I know Percy and Jason think it's funny when I call Nico Sunshine or babe but – "

"Shut up!" Nico squeaked, cutting Will off before he could give Thalia more ammunition,

"Sunshine!" Thalia almost doubled over laughing, "Nico Di Angelo, Son of Hades, Sunhine!"

"Oh shut up Thalia!" Nico was about to wave his arm through the message but Thalia spoke again,

"We're coming to camp; this is too good to pass up. I'm sure the girls would be up for capture the flag, and Lady Artemis wouldn't say no if I ask nicely" Thalia was still laughing when Nico swiped his hand through the picture effectively cutting off anything the hunter was going to say,

"Will!" Nico turned back to the blonde boy but was rather effectively silenced as Will pinned him down again and kissed him roughly,

"So where were we, Sunshine?"

The look in Will's eyes made Nico forget all about Thalia Grace and what she may or may not be planning.

By: MzHxde

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