Tons Of Solangelo

A Collection of Solangelo for your soul :)


1. Jamie



Halfway through Jamie's freshmen year, a new kid showed up. He was scrawny, and pale, with dark hair that was in a constant state of disarray. He was cute, in his own way, and spent way too much time texting. Oh, and he was gay.



Jamie was the first one to approach him to try and be friends with him. He was texting, as usual, and didn't seem to notice her until she spoke to him.

"Hey! I'm Jamie, you're Nico, right?" Jamie said brightly.

"Yeah. Hi," the younger boy replied warily. He needed to lighten up a bit, seriously, it wasn't like someone was about to run him through with a sword (who even owned a sword?).

"So, who are you texting? You seem to do it a lot," the boy fiddled with his t-shirt (it had a skull on it, this kid was seriously emo) and smiled slightly before answering.

"My boyfriend."

"You have a boyfriend?" For a moment she was startled, but then nodded. "Okay, fair, but why do you never talk to anybody? I mean, your teenage years are supposed to be the best of your life!"

Nico blinked. "All my friends are older than me."

Jamie laughed, "They can't be that much older. You're only 14!"

Nico smiled. "You would be surprised."

And there started the friendship between them



Over the next few weeks, she learned a lot about Nico di Angelo.

He wasn't emo, he was just sad because half of his family died a few years ago (she hadn't been sure how to reply to that at first, but soon realized that Nico was long over their deaths, though he did say he went through a dark spot after that)

He had two sisters. One had died a few years ago, and her name was Bianca (he refused to tell her how), the other was his half sister by his father, and her name was Hazel. She lived in California, where she dated a guy called Frank.

Nico, was apparently Italian. He had said he grew up in Italy, but moved to America when his mother died. His father hadn't been around much, but time had passed quickly where he and Bianca had lived. (He hadn't known about Hazel until they met a few years after he moved to America). He had been in Maine when he had met his first crush, Percy. Percy had saved Nico's life, but he refused to tell how. He had gone to New York to recover from this incident, and then his sister had left to do something and died in the process. He hit his dark spot (he refused to tell Jamie what happened there), and then after the freak accident in NY, he had met his sister Hazel. Soon after, she went to a camp in California, and he went to a camp on Long Island, where he had met his boyfriend.

He apparently had a french driver. She had never seen him, and Nico never mentioned him, but whenever Nico left, a car would pull up and she would hear a french ask him where he wanted to go.

His boyfriend's name was Will. He had also saved Nico's life. Jamie didn't know how.

Nico's boyfriend was a mystery. Jamie never asked, but she figured he was a biker of some kind. Or maybe a punk with tons of piercings and tattoos.

Every time Will texted Nico, Nico would smile.



Nobody knew Nico well enough to like him, but nobody hated him. Some people avoided him because they claimed he gave of this creepy feeling of death or whatever, but Jamie didn't mind. He was nice enough, if a little reserved, and he didn't seem like someone who had killed anyone. And if he had, she didn't know about it.

Despite this, she wasn't expecting his boyfriend.



It had been a normal Friday at school, with at least one person coming up at lunch and asking Nico who he was texting, to which Nico gave his usual response (either 'my boyfriend,' or 'my sister') and they nodded and left.

As Jamie and Nico were walking out, he was telling her about a game he used to play, called Mythomagic. He apparently hadn't played it for a while, because he had grown out of it. She was smiling at his obvious geekyness, when she noticed him.

He was, tall, blond, and cute. His back was turned to her, and as they walked up, Nico stopped talking, he stopped where he was, and just smiled at Tall, Blonde, and Cute's back.

Jamie leaned over and whispered "He's cute."

Nico smiled at her, obviously agreeing. And so, apparently, did the sophomores, who walked up to Tall, Blonde, and Cute, and started flirting with him. Nico scowled at this, but she couldn't fathom why.

As they started walking toward Cutie again, she heard him say "Sorry, ladies, but I'm taken." At the girls protesting, saying that he could leave whoever it was, he laughed and said "it'll take a whole lot more than that to make me dump my angel." Nico walked up to Cutie (what did he think he was doing? The guy was gorgeous, and taken) and tapped him on the shoulder. Cutie turned and grinned.

"Hey, di Angelo! Glad to see you haven't exerted yourself too much and turned yourself into a puddle of shadow. One of the Ares kids IMed Camp Jupiter for building advice so the Camp games tonight could be epic. Of course that means that I'm going to be working overtime in case someone breaks a limb." Cutie barely even glanced at Jamie, talking directly to Nico.

She heard someone behind her ask (the same person who had walked up to them at lunch she noted) "who is he? And how does he know emo kid?"

Nico looked at them and said quietly "He's my boyfriend."

Then Will, for it was obviously him, laughed and turned to Jamie. "Hey, I'm Will Solace. You seem to like Nico."

"He's my friend. I'm Jamie Reynolds. Nice to meet you Will."

Will smiled at her, and it was like the sun was captured and put in him. Then he put his arm around Nico, kissed him, and started to drag him away, "Come on Death Boy, we need to get to Camp."

"Don't call me that," Nico growled, but he was smiling, it was obviously an old joke, "Bye, Jamie."

Jamie waved numbly as Nico was dragged off to an obviously new sports car by his boyfriend, to go play games.

So Nico's boyfriend was a tall, blonde, and cute surfer, who called him Angel and Death Boy, and seemed to have captured the sun in his smile.

Huh, who would've guessed.



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