Tons Of Solangelo

A Collection of Solangelo for your soul :)


2. Jamie The Second Meeting

~~The second time Jamie saw Will, she was out shopping. She was at a shoe store, trying to find a decent pair of boots. She preferred high heeled tall leather boots, and she was trying to find a pair, when she saw Will.

She was just taking off a pair that had heels much too high when Will's voice reached her.

"Seriously, Danielle? Another pair? I want to get back to camp before curfew if you don't mind, and I still need to grab extra bandages and such, since we almost ran out last week when the Stoll brothers played that prank."

"Oh, don't be such a worry-wart. I just need to go through the boots. Then we can go back. We might even make it before dinner," Danielle said.

Jamie didn't know why Will was out helping a girl shop, but she just wanted to make sure he wasn't cheating on Nico or anything. He was her best friend, and she didn't want him hurt.

Will turned around the corner, still arguing with Danielle, and saw her. He smiled. "Hey! You're Jamie, right? Nico's friend?" he grinned and she turned to face him.

"Yep. Do you happen to know where you can find a decent pair of boots? I can't find any I like." Jamie smiled at them.

Danielle smiled at her, and she realized that she shouldn't have worried about Nico being cheated on. Danielle's smile held the sun in it, just like Will. She may not look a lot like Will, but they were definitely related, if that smile was anything to go by.

"That depends on what type of boots you're looking for. I know where to get a brilliant pair of combat boots, but I'm looking for tall leather boots right now, and I have no idea where to get those." Danielle gave her another smile, and winked. "If I was really desperate, I would ask a certain cabin at Camp, but I'm not that desperate. Yet."

Oh, she liked her. "Well, you can get some good boots here, but I haven't found the pair I want yet. We can look together, if you want."

"That would be brilliant! I need a second opinion, and Will needs to go get his supplies," she waved dismissively at the male in question and said, "Go, oh healer, oh brother of mine, and grab your medical supplies, and get a gift for your boyfriend while you're at it. He seemed sad."

"He generally seems that way, but don't worry, I am on it. He deserves a gift anyway." Will waved at them and walked off.



Danielle, as it turned out, was Will's half sister on their father's side. She was good with music, archery, and healing, which is what her cabin at Camp specialized in. Will was the head of their cabin, but he couldn't sing to save his life. He got to his position because of his healing capabilities.

As Jamie and Danielle walked through the boot section of a shoe store, they chatted.

"We should meet up again sometime," suggested Danielle, "We could talk about boots and the antics of Nico and his boyfriend Will."

"What do you think Will is going to get Nico?" asked Jamie. She wanted to know how close the two were.

"Probably a skull. It is near Halloween, and Will loves to tease Nico."

Jamie and Danielle laughed, just as Nico came up to them.

"Jamie, Danielle. I didn't know you two had met." Nico frowned.

Jamie smiled at him. Nico was dressed in his standard get up, with a pair of glasses that looked gold in his hand. Danielle laughed.

"Did you steal Jason's glasses again?" she laughed. Nico looked at here.



Ten minutes and two new pairs of shoes later


"So you all go to camp together?" Jamie asked as she drank her milkshake, "What is it called?"

"Camp Half-Blood" Nico said, "It only accepts a certain type of person, so you probably can't get in. Sorry"

Jamie didn't know how Nico knew what she was going to ask, but the didn't question it. She was happy for now, and that was enough to make up for not getting to go to the same camp as her best friend.

Nico seemed happy anyway, so that was good enough for her.

By: LightningStarborne

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