Tons Of Solangelo

A Collection of Solangelo for your soul :)


17. Heart and Soulace by solangelosolangelo

~~Will!" Nico was laughing so hard that he almost cried. Will had offered him a piggy back ride, and Nico was tentative to accept, but he was glad he did.

Will was carrying Nico around the deserted pavilion in the middle of the night. Sometimes the rules just needed breaking. All the harpies had mysteriously taken the night off, which was no fault of Nico and Will. They had their secret date wandering around camp.

"Shhhhh! Nico be quiet! If anyone hears us, we're dead!" Will yelled childishly.

As soon as Will carried Nico outside of the pavilion, Nico leaned down so his body was flush with Will's and began kissing his neck. Will's breath hitched, and Will tripped over his own feet. Nico's immediate reaction was to reach out and cover his boyfriends beautiful face. They landed on the ground, both of them quietly shrieking, and earned a good deal of scratches and scrapes. However Will didn't have any on his face because Nico had covered it for him. Will burst out laughing at his boyfriends instincts.

"Thanks, Death Boy." He said, wiping tears from his eyes.

Nico was in too good of a mood to correct him. Besides, his boyfriend was adorable. The dimples, the beach-blonde hair, and sunkissed skin. The way his pale-pink lips curve slowly into a smile, when he sees something amusing.

"Something on my face Nico?" Will was genuinely confused.

"Uhh, no. Sorry."

Will grinned.

"It's okay to stare, Death Boy."

Nico could feel his face heat up, and he was sure that he must be pink all the way to the tips of his ears.

Will laughed, and cupped Nico's face. Nico felt his heart flutter in the most undesirable way, but he couldn't help himself. Will leaned forward, and met Nico somewhere in the middle for a kiss.

Will felt his heart flutter too.

"Excuse me." Chiron boomed in a startling voice.

The boys jumped apart.

Chiron didn't even bother to scold them, he just raised his eyebrows in askance. He also looked extremely scandalized.

"Go. Now."

The boys hurried off, Will following Nico into his cabin.

"Whoops." Will breathed out, smugly grinning once again.

"You like being caught?" Nico accused, eyebrows raised.

"Maybe a little." Will said with a sense of aloofness and mischief.

After Nico walked into the bathroom to put his pajamas on, and brush his teeth, Will got himself snuggled into Nico's bed. The bathroom door creaked open.

"Will? Are you still here?"

No reply.

Nico got into his bed and fell asleep. Will, as swift as the wind, straddled his boyfriend, and started tickling him.

"Nugghhgnnghuhh" Nico started to squirm.

As Nico regained his consciousness, he began to yell.

"Will Solace! I c-can't believe you stayed in my too all this time j-just tuh-to tickle mee." He was furiously swatting at his boyfriends hands.

Finally, Will showed a little mercy. But he didnt get off of his Death Boy. He wasn't quite done yet.

While Nico was catching his breath, Will started leaving kisses on his boyfriend's neck. Will's personal goal was to have Nico wearing a scarf for two weeks to cover the hickies Will planned on leaving tonight.

Nico never really caught his breath.

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