Bound in Factions

The Stormcloaks have defeated the Empire, Ulfric taking his place as the High King, Skyrim has never been the same. Chaos has abound. Racism, more war and more violence grip Skyrim to the point where it burns. Therefore the factions of Skyrim must bind together, to save what they have left of their precious home land. But dispute between the factions is sure to break out, one way or another.


2. The Listener's Scheme (I)

Just outside of Dawnstar, there was a door with a skull engraved on the front, with red hand print in the middle of the skull's forehead. The door seemed to have a deep heartbeat that came out of the air. The door spoke out with a dry and old voice like a sinister whisper. 

"What is life's greatest illusion?" it asked. A Nordic man with tight fitted armour and masked hood sheathed his dagger in its holster and he answered back to it. 

"Innocence, my brother." 

"Welcome home." it replied. The Nord smiled and opened the door. The Dawnstar Sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood, the greatest group of assassins in all of Tamriel. The sanctuary was their new home after their previous one was destroyed, along with several other members of the Brotherhood.

The walls in the sanctuary were cold stone, and floor hard with rock. The Nord proceeded through the sanctuary, peeling back his hood and mask. He paced up some stairs and past a small girl with fangs the size of his thumbs, and he greeted her kindly. 

"Greetings Babette." 
The girl smiled kindly at him. 

"Hello Yelor. Have a good hunt?" 

"Indeed! Cut the Stormcloak's throat like a coin purse." 

"How brutal of you. How much gold were you offered by Nazir for it?" 

"About 700 gold pieces. Nice and pricey. A women from Kynesgrove really wanted a Stormcloak officer dead."

"Marvelous. I shan't keep you waiting anymore then." Babette walked past him and down the stairs to the way that Yelor came from. Yelor continued on and down more stairs to a kind of clearing, where more people dressed like him were sat around tables, having a merry time. 

A man of dark skin, tattered robes and a turban looked up from eating his bread and grinned with a chuckle.

"Yelor! You've returned!" 

"Nazir, you sound like you had ill-faith in me!" 

"No. Well, I was wondering if you would make it past the endless patrols around Kynesgrove. I was expecting to hear you more or less in prison rather than dead." 

"Well, the contract is done. I believe there was a high amount of coin promised." Yelor laughed as he put his hand out. Nazir gripped a big leather coin purse and placed it in Yelor's hand. Yelor's arm stooped slightly with the weight. 

"Congratulations." Nazir said, eating the last chunk of his bread. Yelor turned back around to join the rest of his comrades, but he was soon halted. "Oh, and one more thing Yelor. The Listener wants to have a word with you." Yelor then gulped as he slowly turned back around. 

"Is it... is it bad?" 

"That's for you and the Listener to know. Now hurry up, she sounded impatient." 

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