Bound in Factions

The Stormcloaks have defeated the Empire, Ulfric taking his place as the High King, Skyrim has never been the same. Chaos has abound. Racism, more war and more violence grip Skyrim to the point where it burns. Therefore the factions of Skyrim must bind together, to save what they have left of their precious home land. But dispute between the factions is sure to break out, one way or another.


7. Ragged Flagons (II)

The figure at the table slammed his book shut with a deep thump, and put it down onto his lap. Noctus the argonian, head of the Thieves Guild, was strapped in the same armour as Brynjolf, baring his leadership and authority in the guild. His skin was pitch black and had two horns sticking out the back of his head, a ring wrapped around the left one.

"And who is this?" Noctus asked, sounding unamused. 

"Unsure, lad. But he says he wanted to give an important message to you personally." 
Noctus took his clawed feet off of the table and stood up, baring down on the hooded figure. 

"Well, what is this dire message you have to give me, hm?" he questioned. The hooded figure's arm peeked from under his robes and handed him a small sheet of paper. Noctus snatched it, and strolled back to his desk to lay it out flat. It read:


Long time no see. How've you been? 
You're head of the Thieves Guild I hear; very impressive. You always did show great promise when we figured out what Astrid had done to the Brotherhood. Good job too, the traitorous whore...

Anyway, let us not dwell on the past. I need to ask you a repayment, as I know the Thieves Guild hate to have debts.
The Brotherhood need a vital deed to be done against the Stormcloaks. I know your guild must hate them as well, since they prevent Maven Black-Briar from becoming Jarl of Riften, which I know you would surely benefit from.

You are to rob the Pale Camp of every weapon, every piece of armour and horse. The Stormcloak soldiers will leave them all lying around as they sleep, so it should be easy to steal. And as payment, keep all the gold you find at the camp.

Do this by the end of 7th Frostfall.
I expect it done, Noctus.



Noctus sighed, his head bowing. 

"By the eight divines, I knew this day would come sooner or later... that damn bosmer never forgets!" he growled. Brynjolf raised an eyebrow at him, folding his arms.

"What do you mean lad? What does it say?" 
Noctus held the letter out infront of his face. "The Dark Brotherhood?" 

"Aye. Remember how I was once part of the Brotherhood?" 
Brynjolf nodded. "Well my partner assassin has held a debt to me for years. She once saved my life against Commander Maro of the Penitus Oculatus when we tried to assassinate the Emperor... and now I owe her a payment for what she did..." 
Brynjolf continued to scan the letter, his eyes going from left to right, then back again. 

"Steal from the Pale Stormcloak camp?..." he gasped. Noctus got up out of his seat as Brynjolf spoke. 

"Get Karliah! We're going to get prepared!" Noctus demanded, his claws clicking on the floor. 

"But, Boss-!" 


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