Is he really that bad?

New girl, Paige, has recently moved to a close friend Javeriah's, school. However, everyone's telling her to stay away from this particular group of boys... but being in the same school as them, is that possible?


18. Zayn

Javeriahs POV

After making Mr cashmore go away me and Paige decided to leave Luke and Calum alone for abit. So we walked off to do our own thing.

"Omg hahaha Paige look at that!" I pointed at this tree with a pad stuck to it. Wtf. people these days.

"Can I have piggy back?" She asked randomly. she's so weird but I love her.

"Sure shortie!" I replied.

She's always been short and I've kind of always been taller then her.

I bent down abit so she could hop on.

"You comfy up there?" I asked.

"Yassssss" she said.

I was running around while Paige had her hands in the air.

"Go on horsey!" She cheered, and I carried on running around.

We were both laughing, and having so much fun but then,

Because I was wearing my wedge trainers, and i sort of twisted my ankle and tripped but then when I tripped I tripped onto a hard body and fell onto it. This meant so did Paige, so we were in a dog pile.

I heard a deep groan. Hang on I've heard that groan before.

I looked at the body beneath us.

"Zayzay?" I said surprised.

"Jayjay!" He said happily hugging me while we were still on the ground.

Shit. We are still on the ground.

I quickly got up and helped Paige up as well.

"Oh thanks girls!" Zayn said sarcastically while getting up himself.

"Zayn you egghead! Where you been for so long?! I missed you, aqib and the guys!" I exclaimed.

Paige just stood there really confused.

"I'm sorry jav, we just had some serious work to do, but guess what? Aqib and the lads are coming tomorrow, but I just came early." He said.

"What? He's coming tomorrow and he didn't even tell me?!" I said confused.

I thought aqib went on holiday, but he's actually gone to do work? Wtf? Why did he lie to me?

"Yeah. Anyway I gotta go jayjay!" He kissed me on cheek and walked in near reception.

"Who was that?" Paige asked.

"Just my brothers friend." I replied.

"Oh yeah aqib! I forgot about your brother!" She said realising.She had last seen him when we were about 13, and he was 15 but a lot has changed since then..

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