Is he really that bad?

New girl, Paige, has recently moved to a close friend Javeriah's, school. However, everyone's telling her to stay away from this particular group of boys... but being in the same school as them, is that possible?


2. What the fuck?

Paige's POV

"Who the fuck are you?! And why were you knocking on my door, piss off!"

"Who the fuck am I? Who the the fuck are you, beating your wife and talking to me like that?! All I came here for was to ask if that poor dog outside was yours and how it was injured...BUT I ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT NOW!" I yelled in the mans face, which was now red. He moved closer to me and reached for the vase on the window sill.

"Oh no you dont!" I screamed and kicked the vase out of his hand which to him by shock knocked him to the floor. I grabbed the vase and smashed it on his bald head. And kicked him hard in the gut.

"Thats what you get for trying to and abusing women, you little cunt" I said and spat on his face.

His wife however was still on the floor whimpering. I walked closer to her and she covered her face with her hands in fear.

"Shhh, its okay, I'm here, he's unconscious." I said to her softly.

"Thank you, you have helped me a lot" she managed to gasp out.

I slowly helped the fragile woman up. She was still very hurt and in a lot of pain, so I called the ambulance and police.

The ambulance came and took the woman and she hugged me and thanked me again and also gave me her number.

And as for that peice of shit he was taken by the police and I told them EXACTLY what I saw and what he said to me. Sucks to be him.

I still can't believe how that woman was living with him. How long would he have been hitting her like that? Well, she gave me her number so I could ask her tomorrow, when she is feeling better.

I carried on slowly walking to school.SHIT. JAVERIAHS WAITING FOR ME.

I pulled my phone out, to check the time and it said "9:12" shit. I am so dead. She said she would go if I'm late.

So I ran my way to school, and made my way to back gates.

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