Is he really that bad?

New girl, Paige, has recently moved to a close friend Javeriah's, school. However, everyone's telling her to stay away from this particular group of boys... but being in the same school as them, is that possible?


5. The phone

Luke's POV

Me, Calum, and Ashton were chilling at back gates for abit just because we didn't want to go into school yet.

Then we see that chick that I think Calum has a thing for.

"Guys u know that girl in our maths class, Javeriah? Basically, I want her phone number, do u think u can help me?" Calum whispered

Okay, now, Calum has come to the right person. This is going to be very easy. She was playing around on her phone, pshhh this is so easy.

"All you have to do is follow me, and go along with whatever I say to her, and Calum u know your stealing skills, yeah, they might come in handy."

She was putting her earphones in and about to play some music, until we surrounded her, she looked up and she had this scared look in her eyes but obviously she wasn't showing it.

"What do you want?"she asked

"I want your phone number, that's what I want" ash said jokingly but Calum shot him a glare.

"Listen yeah. All we want is some money." I said to her. Yeah, that sounds convincing.

She replied instantly with

"Listen yeah, I ain't giving you shit, so can you and your squad harass someone else." Wow. Okay maybe this is gonna be harder then I thought. Until Calum pinned her to the wall and told her how we don't take no for an answer, but I was looking at his hands and they reached down and grabbed her phone from her back pocket. Yes. Go Calum 😏. He quickly put it in his pocket so she didn't notice, while she pushed him off in disgust.

She continued blabbing and when she went Calum gave me the most devious smirk ever.

We slowly walked off too.

"U owe me for that calum." I said straight away.

"Yeye whatever" he said casually.

We at least his love life is settled.

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