Is he really that bad?

New girl, Paige, has recently moved to a close friend Javeriah's, school. However, everyone's telling her to stay away from this particular group of boys... but being in the same school as them, is that possible?


21. Puberty hit him like a truck

Paiges POV

"Who was that?" I asked, kinda shocked.

"That my friend, was Zayn Malik" she told me.

"What the..." I trailed off.

"Yes, I know, puberty hit him like a truck" she laughed.

"ANYWAY, WHY WERE U LATE ON UR FIRST DAY?!" She sort of scolded.

"Oh yeah, you know the creepy alleyway? This guy battered his dog, and was going to batter his wife just as bad, she was about to be unconscious but I had to smash a vase on the dicks head, so I had to call an ambulance to save the poor woman and dog, wanna come with me next week to visit her?" I explained very quickly.

"Erm yeah sure, anyway, I gotta go to dance practice now, you might as well go to music as well" she said.

"Okayy! See ya later!" I called to her while we walked away from each other.

I got to music class, and sat down. Gosh. This is gonna be a long lesson



Javeriah's POV

I headed off to dance, slowly walking because I was 5 mins early.

"HEY!" A voice shouted in my ear, which startled the fuck outta me.

"Oh my god, gheeeez miryam, why are you always shouting?!" I said to miryam while rubbing my ear.

Miryam was this pretty punk girl in my dance class, noone really understood her, they just thought of her as the dark, punk, but to me she was so much more. She was like a sister, wed done so much together and so much more to come, she always used to hide behind her hair, but since I actually got to know her, she shows her gorgeous face off, to be honest, a lot of the boys are checking her out now.

"Sooooo how ya doing?" She asked.

"Oh, I'm fine" i replied.

"Okayy but I gotta run to dance class, miss told me I have to be early to every lesson because I haven't attended like 2 lessons" and she shouted while running to dance.

Crazy girl.



Period 5 finished and I was on my way to front gates, then I saw the back of a tall boy, wearing a leather jacket, quiff, and had a fag in his hand. Zayniee.

"Oiiiiii Zayn" I shouted cuz he was quite far away.

He turned around, looking around to see who was calling him. Gosh he looked cute.

I started waving like a spastic, then he realised it was he, so he started walking towards me.

"You never quit, did u?" I said sorta annoyed because he promised me he was going to stop.

"Sorry bub, but its a habit" he said

taking a puff.

"A bad habit." I said.

"Want a puff?" He asked putting the cigarette towards me.

One puff couldn't hurt? Could it?

I thought for abit.

"Gowarn! Just have a go!" He encouraged.

"Fine okay." I said.

He put the cigarette in my mouth.

"Suck in, then blow out" he told me.

I did as he told and oml that tasted rank.

"What the fuck?!" I said wiping my mouth.

"That literally tasted like shit. Never gonna try that again" I said.

"Your just a pussy!" He laughed at me.

I gave him the death glare. Does he seriously think I'm a pussy?

"I'm joking babe!" He hugged me to make me feel better.

"Wanna come to mine? Your brother is coming to mine at 10pm to mine, so you'll get to meet him" he told me.

"Yeahh okay Zayn" I replied quite happily.

He dragged me to his car and we drove off



Paige's POV

Where the hell is jav? I haven't seen her, and I've been waiting at front gates for 15 mins already.

I got my phone out and started to text her.

"Yo paige!" I saw Calum call out.

"Hey Calum" I replied

"Whatya doingg?" He asked me.

"Trying to find where Javeriah, she hasn't turned up yet" I told him.

"Oh erm, you can come to mine if you want? Then when she replies, I can drop u off to wherever she is?" He offered.

"Really? Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yeahyeah course" he said

completely chill.

"Thank you so much calum" I gave him a friendly hug, and we quickly jumped into his car

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