Is he really that bad?

New girl, Paige, has recently moved to a close friend Javeriah's, school. However, everyone's telling her to stay away from this particular group of boys... but being in the same school as them, is that possible?


22. Party Pooper

Paige's POV still  


I jumped into the car, but this time it wasn't full with all of the guys, it was just me and calum, I sat down at the back.


"Haha what are you doing paige? Just sit at the front with me" he told me.  


"Oh okay." I did as he wanted and sat at the front. Calum started the car and drove off.  


"So...we haven't really met properly but how are you?" He asked kindly.  


"I'm fine, what about you?" I replied.  


"Yeahh, I'm fine." He said.  





We got to his place and it was quite a big house.  


He walked up to the door, and held it opened the door for me.  


"Ladies first" he said in a posh accent.  


"Ooh gentleman" I replied returning the posh accent.  


"You want anything to eat?" Calum asked.  


"Depends, what do u have?" I said.  


"I have barrrrre food, you can go choose what you want" he said motioning towards the fridge.  


I went to the fridge, and damn, he really did have "barrre food", I saw a packet of crisps, might as well just eat that.   I opened the pack and started munching away.  


"AN ASSHOLE HAS SENT YOU A MESSAGE, DONT READ IT! IT MIGHT BE A SEXT!" mine and Javeriah voices said. Shit. I forgot that was my notification sound. Me and calum both stopped what we were doing and looked up, and burst out laughing.  


"What the actual fuck!" Calum laughed.  


"Anyway, are you going to open the message the "asshole" has sent you." He asked me.  


"Oh shit yeah" I said.  


It was a message from Javeriah. It said: Omg I'm so sorry paige! But I had to go home with Zayn cuz Aqibs coming to his house at 10pm and I wanted to see him asap xX hope you don't mind  Ly 😘 Javeriah xxx  


"Who was it?" Calum asked.  


"Oh it was Javeriah, she's at Zayns house." I told him, but he sorta tensed up.  


"Erm okay, shall I drop you off there?" He offered me.  


"Yeah, if you don't mind" I replied.  


I finished off my crisps and me and calum, got into the car again and drove off.  





We got to Zayns house.  


"Wait calum? How'd you know where Zayn lives?" I wondered.  


"Oh, he's a friend of mine" he replied casually.  


I rang the door bell, but noone answered.  


So I rang it again. Still, noone answered.  


"What do you think zayns doing man?" I asked.  


"Wanking." Calum said.  

My face literally dropped.  


"Gheeeez woman! I was only joking." I just laughed it off.  


Calum rang the bell again.   


Noone was answering.  


"Don't worry, I know another way we can get in." He said.  


"Zayns back door is always open, we can just climb in."  


"No way! That's sneaking in! Its so wrong" I refused to do it.  


"Nahh don't worry, he's my friend, he won't mind." He told me.  


"Paige, are you scared?"he laughed at me.  


"W-what? No" the truth was. Yes, I was. What if he calls the police.  


"Then cmon!" He grabbed my hand and dragged me with him.   I am so, going to regret this.  


Javeriahs POV

I just got into zayns car. I've been in it 100 times.  


Zayn drove REALLY fast, to his place. When we got there, I got out of the car, and honestly I was kinda dizzy, because of how fast he drives, I kind of tumbled to the side.  


"Woahh, easy there tiger" he said while quickly grabbing my waist and steadying me.  


He got his keys out and opened his front door, but I could hear music playing from inside the house, it was 'pat it up' by tommy Lee.  


"Omg I love this song" I told zayn, while walking into his house, he guided me to his room.  


"HAND IN THE AIR IF YOU KNOW YOUR PUSSY GOOD!" I shout/sang to the song.  


I was raving, until zayn switched the music off.  


"Party pooper" I said under my breath.  


"What was that?" He said wile putting his hand around his ear.  


"I said, YOUR A PARTY POOPER!" I said to him loudly.  


"You mad bruh? The party's are banging when I'm there! With my twerking skills and shit" he said, kinda proud.  


"Pfffft, you? Twerking? Nahhhh" I said.  


"You challenging me, to a twerk off?" He said, raising an eyebrow.  


"Damn right I am." I replied with a smirk.  


"Oh, let the party begin..." He said.    




Sorry it took me 100 years to post these 2 chapters x I've just been really busy lately 😭😘 can we get 10 more likes for the next update? Team Zayn or nah? Comment below Also the song javeriah&zayn were listening to was

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