Is he really that bad?

New girl, Paige, has recently moved to a close friend Javeriah's, school. However, everyone's telling her to stay away from this particular group of boys... but being in the same school as them, is that possible?


1. New day, new school

Paige's POV

I woke to a text from Javeriah (my best friend) saying

"Yo Paige, meet me at back gates at school at 8:40 :p ur coming to my school remember? But if ur late i'll go x"

Ugh. Her school. I always liked school, but her school was a different story.

I used to go to a school far away but mom said it was easier to go to Javeriahs school because it was closer, anyways so I replied to her and brushed my teeth.

Okay. Time to get ready. I pulled out a pair of black leggings, and my favourite crop top which said "b*tch plz" on the front. Now...what should I do to my hair? Oh yeah. I know. Waves. Javeriah loves it when my hair is in waves, so, I waved my hair and put a little bit of make-up on and I was ready.

I jumped down the stairs. That's right, jumped. And was putting on my white converse and my coat on, until my mom walks in, in a rush.

"Oh god, Paige, I'm so sorry but I can't drop you off to school, I've got an urgent phone call from my boss, and he needs me in now, sorry sweetie." And she kissed me on the cheek and I waved her goodbye.

Well then. Looks like I'm walking then.

I made my way out and started to walk school. I carried on walking down this long cold road, ew, I hated this road. It reminded me of a prison. So I was walking, til I got to an alley way. I looked down and saw a dog howling in pain, oh my god, who could have left him like this? So I looked around for a wound on its body, and spotted a big bruise. Ouch, what could have given him this injury? Anyway, I couldn't do much. I had to go to school and I was already running late because of mom.

All I could do was go to one of the houses down the alley way and ask if its their dog. So I went up to the first door and knocked. But the door didn't open, all I could hear was someone whimpering and being thrown around. What the fuck?! I knocked again but this time the door opened. It was a man and his wife was on the floor with bruises and gashes all over her.

"What the hell!" I yelled.

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