Is he really that bad?

New girl, Paige, has recently moved to a close friend Javeriah's, school. However, everyone's telling her to stay away from this particular group of boys... but being in the same school as them, is that possible?


10. A bet

Luke's POV

"Luke, why the fuck did u do that?" Michael whisper shouted while we walked near him to sit by him.

Me,Cal, and Ash all sat Down on a table with michael.

"Well, basically Michael, the reason I did that, is because she's fit, and by far, I have slept with nearly all the girls in this school, except her and that Javeriah girl."

"And?" Michael questioned

"Basically, he wants to be the first to sleep with that new girl" ash said quickly

"And if I'm nice to her she'll give in"

"Oh, I get it." Michael said.

"I bet I can get newbie, over there, faster then u can get javeriah cal" I said to calum.

"Ufft you wanna bet?" Cal said with a smirk.

"Of course I do" I returned the smirk.

"Winner gets £1000 from all of us" Michael said with ash agreeing, we all shook on it.

Looks like I'm gonna have to get on her good side then, I turned around looking at her, then I winked again but she just gave me the middle finger.


Maybe this is gonna be harder then I thought.

Paige's POV

They walked off to that boy with green hair. They were talking amongst them selves for abit and then they shook hands,then blonde boy, turned around and winked at me. What did they just shake on?

"Looks like you have a secret admirer" Javeriah sniggered.

"Oh shut up" I replied playfully punching her.

"Urgh. Not looking forward to detention today. I thought this was going to be the one day were I don't get detention as well." Javeriah was complaining

"Same, my moms going to be pissed"

We carried on the lesson til the bell rang and walked off.

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