Fake a smile...

16 year old Samantha Kelsey just moved to Sydney from New York. Her dad works for Luke's mom Liz. Samantha is forced to stay with 16 year old boy luke who is just a little older than her. Luke reminds Samantha of an old friend. Samantha reminds luke of an old friend Sammy. Luke and Samantha face challenges along the way. Are they reunited friends or something more?Read on to find out.


8. chapter 8

Luke's pov:

"LUKE!" My mom yells in a panicked voice.


I look around the room to find my sweatpants. I slip them in and run down the stairs.


"Luke where's Samantha?"

"What do you mean? She's in her room asleep."

"No she's not luke."

I run up to stairs and peek into her room.

She's gone.

Samantha's pov:

I am in somebody else's clothing. My mouth is dry and my body is weak.

"Luke?" I whisper through the darkness.



The foot steps get louder. Faster as if they're running towards me.

"Luke?!" I yelled.

"YOU WILL DIE!" Is yelled piercing the darkness.

It's a woman's voice I recognize.


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