Fake a smile...

16 year old Samantha Kelsey just moved to Sydney from New York. Her dad works for Luke's mom Liz. Samantha is forced to stay with 16 year old boy luke who is just a little older than her. Luke reminds Samantha of an old friend. Samantha reminds luke of an old friend Sammy. Luke and Samantha face challenges along the way. Are they reunited friends or something more?Read on to find out.


6. chapter 6

Samantha's pov:

After reading his rules I cried as I ran to my bedroom. I put in my headphones and cried myself to sleep.

I woke up in the middle if the night. My stomach aches like I had been punched in the gut. My bedroom sort was wide open. I had shut it before I went it sleep though. That's odd. I take off my shirt leaving me in only my bra. I sit up turning on the lamp besides bed. I look at my stomach. I found a bruise and the number 96 written on the bruise. This must be a dream I thought. I went to the bathroom and scrubbed away the marker and the bruise left too. Some sick joke.

I crawled back in bed. I stuck the "rules" under the mattress and slowly drifted to sleep when Luke crawled in bed with me. Hugging my waist.

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