Fake a smile...

16 year old Samantha Kelsey just moved to Sydney from New York. Her dad works for Luke's mom Liz. Samantha is forced to stay with 16 year old boy luke who is just a little older than her. Luke reminds Samantha of an old friend. Samantha reminds luke of an old friend Sammy. Luke and Samantha face challenges along the way. Are they reunited friends or something more?Read on to find out.


5. chapter 5

Luke's pov:


I get up from my bed with Samantha following. I don't know how I feel about her yet but reluctantly I grab her hand and drag her down the stairs. We walk down the stairs and when we reach the end I throw her hand away from me.


Samantha's pov:

Luke grabs two paper plates and tosses one to me angrily. I don't understand what just happened. He grabs a piece of pepperoni pizza and sits in a chair. The only one left.

"Hey. I was gonna sit there." I said playfully.

"Um. Well not anymore."

Fine. I grab a slice and lean up against the counter. Why is he such a prick?! I feel like such an idiot for thinking that he was cute or even nice!

I don't usually mind eating in front of boys. Even if they are super hot. But this time for some reason I didn't feel comfortable eating in front of him it's weird. I felt like I was being watched.

"Why did you have to stay here? What about renting an apartment. I mean you will be here for a year." Luke says throwing his plate in the garbage can.

"Well if you haven't noticed that I'm younger than you and don't have any money and my dad isn't here either. He's staying in New York." I said a little to confidently I thought.

Luke walks over to me and throws my plate Im the trash.

"Hey I wasn't done with that."

"Well you are now."

Damn his a prick.

Luke grabs my hand and drags me back into his bedroom. He removes his shirt.

"It's hot in here." He says.

Though I didn't agree. I said," yeah."

He bit his lip. He grabs my wrists and slams them into the bed. Ow! I cringe but that only makes him grab onto the harder.

"Luke stop your hurting me."

He bit his lip again and starts kissing my neck. I moan enjoying his soft lips against my skin.

"You can't control yourself can you?" He asks more of a statement than a question.

He releases his grip and grabs a piece of paper and a notebook.

"My mom didn't mention any rules did she?" He asks.

"No she didn't."

"Well these are mine. Not hers."

He scribbles something on a piece of paper and hands it to me.

Luke hemmings rules:

1. We are not dating

2. Don't get clingy.

3. Don't ask for sex.

4. You must look sexy at all times.

5. Reveal some private parts to me at random times. Not around any one else though.

6. You have sex with me and only me.

7. I am always in control when it comes to sex.

8. We have sex WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE IT. NOT when you want it.

9. If you mention this to anyone you will regret it.

10. You are my sex slave.

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