Fake a smile...

16 year old Samantha Kelsey just moved to Sydney from New York. Her dad works for Luke's mom Liz. Samantha is forced to stay with 16 year old boy luke who is just a little older than her. Luke reminds Samantha of an old friend. Samantha reminds luke of an old friend Sammy. Luke and Samantha face challenges along the way. Are they reunited friends or something more?Read on to find out.


12. chapter 12

Luke's pov:

I run to the guest bedroom and pull out a scrapbook of me and Sammy before she moved away.

"I found it mom!"

Mom runs into the bedroom and grabs the scrapbook from my hands and flips through it till she finds the pic of us right before she moved away.

She tears it out of the scrapbook and races to Samantha's room.

Samantha's pov:

Liz runs into my room and it scares me and she notices

"Sorry to scare you love. I found a picture of Luke and his friend Sammy."

"My best friends name was luke. I always called him lukey."

"He was called lukey by a girl named Sammy."

"LUKE!" I yell running down the stairs into the kitchen.

Luke is standing in the kitchen and is startled by my yelling.

"You're Sammy aren't you?"

"Yes," I say a rear steaming down my face. "And your lukey."

Luke's pov:

"...and you're lukey." Sammy says a tear steaming down her face.

I didn't know what else to do. I kiss her hard like I've never kissed anyone before. My first kiss was with the girl I still love.

Samantha's pov;

Luke kisses me and I return the kiss with all I've got. My first kiss. With the one I still love.

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