Fake a smile...

16 year old Samantha Kelsey just moved to Sydney from New York. Her dad works for Luke's mom Liz. Samantha is forced to stay with 16 year old boy luke who is just a little older than her. Luke reminds Samantha of an old friend. Samantha reminds luke of an old friend Sammy. Luke and Samantha face challenges along the way. Are they reunited friends or something more?Read on to find out.


11. chapter 11

Samantha's pov:

Luke hangs up with some girl named Aleisha and looks at me.


"You remind me of someone." Luke says

"That's funny. You remind me of my best friend. I moved away from Sydney about 8 years ago to New York."

"So did she."


"You don't think?" Luke asks.

"MOM!" Luke yells as he runs down the stairs.

Luke's pov:

It's all coming back to me. No. No she can't be Sammy. No no no! I was in love with Sammy. This is too weird.

"Luke?! What's wrong?"

"Mom Samantha looks just like Sammy. It may be a coincidence or it may not but Samantha moved to New York from here (Sydney) eight years ago."

"Well. There is only one way to find out."

"Samantha is Sammy. I know it mom."

"You may be right."

Samantha's pov:

Luke reminds me of lukey my best friend eight years ago. Something's wrong here.

Flashbacks of me and lukey come back to me. They all took place here. At this house. I look out the window at his neighbors house. That house looks too familiar.

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