Have Faith

Abby is a freshmen at UCLA. She's a straight A student, shy and reserved . Jake is in his last year. Parties, girls, and drinking. Defiantly not the type of guy Abby would even consider being friends with much less falling for.


2. Chapter 2

Abby's p.o.v.

Its been two hours since my mother left, and I am only half way through my unpacking when I hear the door unlock. I turn around to see a girl with bright red hair, a white crop top and a black sheer maxi skirt attempting to drag three large suitcases through the doorway.

"Hey, um do you want some help?" I ask walking towards her.

"No no, I got it.. I think." The frustration in her voice is obvious.

I laugh lightly to myself "Why don't you try just bringing one at a time through the door." 

"Because, why do that when you can attempt to get it all done at once." She laughs as she gives on last tug at her bags and ends up falling backwards as her suitcases squeeze through the doorway. She jumps up right away and brushes off the back of her legs and turns around to face me. "My name's Ali by the way."

"Abby." I reply with a smile.

"So I see you already claimed your side of the room." Ali mumbles looking around the room. "Meh. This will do. I was hoping to get a single room, but this will be fun!" She chirps grabbing one of her pink suitcases and starts to unpack.

We sit in silence for a while as we unpack our things, each of us waiting for the other to say something first.

"Hey, there's a party at one of the frat houses on campus, want to go?" Ali asks overly excited.

"Not really, I'm not really into that sorry." I say hanging up my last shirt.

"Come on! Please! I'll stay with you the whole time I promise!" Ali stuck out her bottom lip attempting to do a puppy dog face which only made me laugh.

"Fine. Only this once though." I sigh.

Ali does a little dance and lets out a squeal. "Yay! Thank you! Can I do your make up then? And what are you planning to wear?"

"Funny, but no. And Probably  just a nice shirt and jeans." I start to shift through my closet looking for my maroon peplum top.

"Not happening chica. If I'm going to stay with you all night you have to at least try with your outfit." She states rummaging through her suitcase. After a few minutes of looking she pulls out a black skater skirt, a maroon crop top and a pair of black heels. 

"Oh no! There's no way I'm wearing that." I shake my head furiously at her outfit choice. I actually really like the outfit but I know there is no way I would be comfortable wearing that, especially to a party.

"To bad, now strip." She says as she throws the outfit at me.

I give her a look before I walk into our bathroom and change. When I come out I hear her gasp.

"Holy shit! That looks better on you then it does on me!" She smiles at me and then hands over her black heels. "If you have great legs might as well show them off" 

"Can't I just wear my flats?" I mumble looking down at the heels with a disapproving look on my face.

"Nope. Now put them on and let me do something with your hair and make up." She says pointing at her desk chair with the hair curler in her hand. 



Hope your enjoying the story! :)

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