Have Faith

Abby is a freshmen at UCLA. She's a straight A student, shy and reserved . Jake is in his last year. Parties, girls, and drinking. Defiantly not the type of guy Abby would even consider being friends with much less falling for.


1. Chapter 1

Abby's p.o.v.

"Are you ready sweetie?" My Mom asks slamming the trunk of her SUV shut. My suitcases are scattered around the back of the car on the pavement of the parking lot in front of the university.

My mom and I spent the last week driving from Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles to spend more time with each other before I left to go to UCLA. My mother and I aren't as close as most mothers and daughters. Especially after my Dad died two years ago.

I pick up on of my suitcases and look up at her "As ready as I'm ever going to be." I give her a small smile and start to make my way towards the registration desk on the other side of the parking lot. "Hi. I'm Abby Charleston." I say to the blond girl at the desk. 

"Hi!" She said over excitedly. "Your going to be in room C56, and here's your key." She passed me the key with a huge smile spread across her face showing off her blindingly white teeth.

"Thanks." I mumble taking the key from her and pushing a strand of hair behind my ear. I turn around and head for the dorms with my mom trailing behind me with my other suitcase, her heels loudly clicking on the pavement.

"Fifty five, fifty six, fifty seven" I mumble as I pass the door in my hallway. I slip my key into the slot and turn the handle.

The room is a decent size two twin bunks with desks under them, dresser against each wall and two closets. "Well this is.. nice" My Mom says walking into the room, a slight look of disgust on her face as she scans the room.

My roommate doesn't seem to have arrived yet so I get to choose my side of the room first.

I set my suitcase under the bunk on the far side of the room away from the door. My Mother follows my actions and sets my other suitcase beside my other one.

"Well.. I'm going to head off. I've got a long trip home." Mother states still scanning my room.

"Ok. I'll see you at Christmas, yeah?" I mumble looking down at my feet.

"Yeah. Well have a good time and keep your grades up." Mother scolds as she walks towards the door.

"Yes Mom. I will." I mumble walking behind her dragging my feet slightly.

"I'll see you soon. I love you." Mom says turning around and hugging me.

"I love you to. Have a safe trip home." I say welcoming her hug.

"Bye sweetie, talk to you soon" Mom says pulling away from our hug and straightening her dress. She gives me a small smile before turning around and walking out of the room. I can here her heels clicking all the way down the hall as she walks towards the elevator.

I walk over to my desk chair and fall into it. "Lets hope University life is as good as everyone says it is." I think to myself and let out a exasperated sigh.


Hey! Well this is the start of my new book! What do you guys think? Please comment any suggestions or advice :)

Hope you enjoy!




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