Does He Really Love Me?

I will never forgive him for what he has done.. even though it may seem like I have forgiven him. The feeling of being used... sucks. But being used by Calum Hood... feels like you die then come back to life. But I can never forgive and I most definitely will never forget.


7. Sensations

 April's POV:

    He looked at me in a provocative way. Calum Hood seemed like he couldn't stop gazing at me. His fierce eyes sent a strange sensation through my body;It felt good. Wait, what was I thinking? How could I let this fucking idiot control me with just his eyes? Why would I even allow the person who has been hurting my best friend do this to me? Every move I made; he licked his lips, as if he could devour me in that very moment.

  "Why are you looking at me?" I guess he could tell I was thinking wrong about him.

 "Why do you keeping looking at me seductively?" I fired back with a question that I certainly needed the answer to. He laugh, and tried to play it off all innocent, "I was admiring the picture behind you." I turned to see for myself; it was just a picture of Michael's dog. He laughed, because I actually believe him for a split second. The heat from his body was very hot. The only reason why I knew that was because our bodies were now inches away from each other. I gave him this look of confusion. He fluttered his big brown eyes, and smiled down at me.

 "what do you want Calum?" I don't know if it came out rude or anything, but It wasn't suppose to.

" I'm just gonna come out with it," he sighed then continued," I've liked you ever since that first day I saw you with Luke in the hall. I've been working up all this courage to tell you, and I finally did. I know you may think I'm a dick for being mean to Luke, but if you want me to stop I will. I would do anything for you. Hopefully that didn't sound weird." Calum blushing was the cutest thing in the whole damn WORLD! 

 "That's sweet of you to say-" What the hell? I was talking like a girly girl. "Umm, well I do want you to stop being mean to Luke. And that's sweet that you like me," I smiled slightly trying to hide my true feelings. His smile was from ear to ear now; he put his hand on mine.

   Don't get me wrong, Calum was cute and everything, but I needed to stop and think about a lot of things. I barely knew him, but we also went to school together. The way he smiled melted me, but his touch burned me. Not the burn that hurts, the burn that sent my whole body in an unease sensation. There was to many pros and cons in the situation.

 "Hey Apes," Luke interrupted my thoughts. He gave Calum one of the most ugliest faces every, and Calum got up and walked away. 

 "What's up Lucas," I flashed him a smile. 

"Why did you decide to come to my band practice. I thought you hated these guys? Especially Calum?"

  "I wanted to give them a chance; him a chance. You are my best friend and I want to support you and your band," he smiled at my words. 

 "It really means a lot Apes," he pulled me in for a hug. I smiled at the thought of his happiness. 

   Now I had a reason to hang around them, I was giving them a "chance".  Though my main focus was to get to know Calum better. The thought of just talking to him excited me, but the fear of Luke's thoughts on that, haunted me.

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