Does He Really Love Me?

I will never forgive him for what he has done.. even though it may seem like I have forgiven him. The feeling of being used... sucks. But being used by Calum Hood... feels like you die then come back to life. But I can never forgive and I most definitely will never forget.


24. Note


  April's POV:

 I didn't stay for the boys performance. I had to leave. Everyone seemed to be mad at me. 

 "Liz!" I yelled as I banged on Luke's front door. "Are you home?!"

She quickly opened the door, and our eyes met.

  "Honey, what's wrong?! Are you okay?"

  I walked in and sat on the couch.

  "Liz, Luke is really mad at me. For once I did what I wanted to do. For once I followed my heart. I just wanted to be happy for once," I cried. She just patted my back, and whispered "It's okay, It's okay."

 "I don't know why he can't move on from the whole thing that happened between him Calum. Why can't he see that I love him, and he loves me," I cried even more.

  "He just needs time to process this," She quietly said. "Why don't you calm down, and wait for him here. I'm pretty sure he wants to fix this as much as you do," She kissed my head like any good mother, and walked to the kitchen.

I decided to go up to Luke's room:

 I grabbed a paper and a pen, and wrote a note for him.


 Dear Lucas,

I'm sorry about tonight. I didn't mean for things to happen like they did tonight. I just really wish you could understand how happy I am. I know Calum use to bully you, but can you please forgive him. He feel's bad for bullying you, and I just want everything to be happy for once. So please Lucas... Don't be mad at me or Calum. 






 After I wrote the note, I left it on his desk and left.

   2 Hours Later-

April's POV: 

  I sat on Calum's bed waiting for him to get back from the HazelHurst. I decided to surprise him when he got back; I didn't want to hear Janelle bitch at me so yeah... I stared at the door hoping for someone to walk through it. 

  Another 20 minutes passed by, and he still wasn't there, so I decided to get on Twitter; I see this:

  "Oh hell no! What the hell?! And this Girl is stupid... why did she take a screen shot of her tweet and posted the picture and not the tweet?" I quickly got off the bed and went to the closet to look for an outfit. I found one, put it on, and quickly did my makeup.

 After I was fully dressed and ready, I grabbed my phone to check Twitter.

  "He's still here!" Ugh this girl was getting on my nerves. When I walked out of the house... No car... Only my stupid ratchet ass van. So I walked into Calum's garage. There was a Maroon Camaro with a note on it:

 I was wondering when you were going to find it ;)Thank you for giving me a chance. Love ya!

                                                                - Calum :) x

  I smiled, grabbed the keys and headed to 1406 Gaylnn Street.

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