Does He Really Love Me?

I will never forgive him for what he has done.. even though it may seem like I have forgiven him. The feeling of being used... sucks. But being used by Calum Hood... feels like you die then come back to life. But I can never forgive and I most definitely will never forget.


21. I Just Gotta Get Out


 April's POV:

BAM!!! I slammed my door with anger. How could Luke throw away almost a year of our friendship, for some dumbass hoe??!?

 "I don't need this shit right now!" I started to pack my clothes. I saw moving in with Calum as an opportunity, but so far it has caused to much drama. The only reason why Luke came clean about going out with Allison, was because he wanted to get me pissed off. He wanted to snoop so low, because he thought that's what I did when I said yes when Calum asked me out that night at the Battle of The Bands. Well News Flash Luke!!! I wasn't with Calum anymore! Yeah sure, I still like him, but who is Luke to judge me? 

  Calum isn't a bad guy. I know that's what Luke thinks, because how me and Calum ended things. But why Allison Tira? My thoughts quickly got interrupted by Mali's dramatic enterance. 

 "What's going on?! Calum just text me." By the look on her face, I could tell she cared.

     " I'm done with Luke! He's snooped to low! So.... I just gotta get out," I grabbed mt suit case and pushed past her.

"Calum's in love with you!" she yelled, which made me stop at the bottom of the stairs. My heart  fell to the ground, as did my suitcase. I knew she was trying to make me stay. I looked up at Mali as she came down the stairs.

   "Calum is crazy about you April. I've never seen my brother be stupid over a girl," She laughed and continued, "he talks about you all the fucking time. When he picked you up from school when you were sick, he would not shut up about you. He told me the whole story on how you met. Even the mistake for leading you on. He actually cried when he told me that part. He feels terrible for doing it, But he never has felt this way about any girl. Not even Bella made him feel this way. I know it might be hard to believe me because I haven't been the nicest person to you, but I'm telling the truth."  No matter if she was telling the truth or not.... All I've done is cause drama for this band. I wasn't going to cause anymore.

  "Mali, I believe you. I like Calum to but... the world just seems to be falling onto its knees.... so I... I just gotta get out," with my words I left.


 Calum's POV:

"Thank you Goodgod!!! You have been amazing!" Ashton yelled, as we got off stage. 

  "Man that was a kickass show," I high fived the guys as I got out my phone. 20 missed calls from Mali!!!! and 1 voicemail:

 Cal, I tried to stop her.... I don't know where she went!!! I'm sorry little brother...


 I quickly ran out of the club. April!!! She left... ugh!!! My head was pounding so hard.

"Calum are you alright?" Luke came outside.

  "She left because of you!!!" I yelled and pushed him to the ground. "You had to go and make it worst for her by going out with Allison! Now she's gone, and I don't know where she is!!!" The fear in my voice was real this time. Allison ran out to help Luke up.

  "She's better off alone than with you!" he yelled.


 April's POV:

 "I don't know what to do Janelle! Everything is just fucked up!" I cried into Janelle's chest.

    "Dont stress yourself about it love. They are just some stupid boys... and Luke.. well he is fucking stupid if he wants to throw away you. Look, you can crash here for as long as you need. And when you're ready, you can go as you please." She hugged me and held me tight.


 2 hours later:

BANG! BANG! BANG! "Janelle! Please open the door!" Calum was banging on the door. I quietly made my way down stairs to open the door.

 "April!" he pulled me in for a hug. "You scared me half to death," Calum Thomas Hood was... crying? So I did what I do best; I cried with him.

  "Calum, I'm sorry. A lot has just been going on. I guess I needed some time and space to figure things out," I cried.

He looked at me a certain way. Like if I was a fragile china doll. His embrace comfort me, but it seemed different this time. His arms seemed stiff, and his body seemed to be warmer. I could feel his heart beating, or was that mine???

  "April," he took my hands in his," I want you to be happy, and I know I can make you happy. Forget about Luke and Allison. And forget about what other people think. I know things for us started out rocky but.... I've changed April. You've changed me, you made me into a better person." Now he had me crying even more. "You complete me. You make me smile when I have no reason to. Your presence is so breathtaking. It's only a man's dream to stand or even look at an angel. Call me the luckiest guy on earth then, because I get to look, touch, and hear a beautiful angel every single day...So will you, April Marie O'Connor, go out with me?"

 He... he nailed the perfect way to ask a girl out. My heart was overflowing with joy and happiness. I didn't respond, I just kissed him. He smiled as he placed his hands on my hips, and stared deep into my eyes, "I love you April, and I promise I'll never hurt you again."









                   "You just put your arms around me, and I'm home"

                                               - April O'Connor


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