Does He Really Love Me?

I will never forgive him for what he has done.. even though it may seem like I have forgiven him. The feeling of being used... sucks. But being used by Calum Hood... feels like you die then come back to life. But I can never forgive and I most definitely will never forget.


23. I Did This For You



 Calum's POV:


 "I can't believe you convinced me to come here," I looked at the people who were looking at us weird.

  "Babe, Aquariums are fun!" April laughed and took my hand.

 I looked at her as she looked at the fish in the tank. Her dark drown hair, fell perfectly along her shirt. She looked cute in her little snapback.

 "Are you Calum from 5SOS?" I heard a whisper. I looked at a girl who was standing in front of me. I smiled and nodded at her. "Oh my god! You guys are so amazing! I'm going to yall's performance tonight at the Hazelhurst."

  "Thank you for your support. Maybe you can meet the rest of the boys," I smiled and gave her my number," Just text or call me after the show."

I looked at April and she had a look of confusion. 

 "Can I have a quick picture with you?" 

  "Sure," I smiled at her. 

"Can you take the picture?" she handed April her phone.

  "Sure why not." She sounded sarcastic, but she took the picture. "Here," she handed the phone back.

"My name is Ariana by the way," she smiled and left.

 I looked over at April, and she didn't have a very pleasing look on her face. "Babe, don't be upset."

 "K," is all she said.


 April's POV:

 Calum was now surrounded by a huge group of girls. Well not that big. About 20 girls, I would say.

 "Oh my god!"  "I can't believe it's really him!"  "He looks cuter in person!" Girls were shouting and asking to take pictures with him, so I wondered off to see the rest of the Aquarium.

     2 hours later:

 I stood on the side walk as I waited for my cab. The last time I saw Calum, he was still taking pictures with fans inside the Aquarium. All of a sudden I started to receive text messages from Calum:


C: Hey where did you go?!

C: Where are you?

C: Babe, Come on... I'm sorry


   My cab pulled up, so I decided to text him back:

A: I took a cab back to Janelle's... don't bother to follow me. Hope you have a great gig tonight.


 Calum's POV:

  It was 5:00 when I showed up at Janelle's front door. I took a deep breath, and knocked. Janelle appeared, but quickly tried to slam the door. So I put my foot out to stop it.

  "Janelle, please, I just need to talk to her."

"Well she doesn't want to talk to you."

 I quickly moved passed her, and ran up stairs to April's room. I slammed the door and locked it. April looked at me from her bed. "Cal-"

  "Babe, I'm sorry I wasted our time on taking pictures with fans. today was suppose to be about us, and I blew it," I quickly cut her off.

 She got off her bed, and made her way over to me. She came so close, that I could feel the warmth of her body.

 "You didn't blow anything... I'm glad that you and the boys are getting noticed. I'm glad you have a fan base. I'm just not ready to be alone. We just started up our relationship... And I'm not ready to share you... I know that sounds stupid and selfish of me." She looked down. It was kind of cute that she wanted me all for herself.

    "April, you don't have to be alone, and you especially don't have to worry about sharing me with anyone else. I'm all yours and you're all mine," I smiled and kissed her passionately. She smiled back at me, and fluttered her eyes.

"So why don't you come to the show," I suggested.

   "What about Luke... You know he wouldn't accept our relationship." She played with my shirt nervously.

"Why does it matter what he thinks? If he was really your best friend, he wouldn't have gone out with Allison. If he was really your best friend, he would have to to learn to accept our relationship," I reassured her, and held her hands.


Luke's POV:

 "Man, just forget about her. You can do better," Ashton said as we got off the van.

   "It's going to be my mission to find you a pretty girl tonight. Just to get your mind off of Allison," Michael laughed. I rolled my eyes and began unloading the speakers. I felt my body collide with another.

 "Woah!!!" I had fell on a girl.

"I'm so sorry," I quickly helped her up.

  "It's fine Luke," she said as she grabbed her glasses from the ground.

"How do you know my name?" I smiled.

  "I watch your videos." Her blush was cute.

"What's your name?" I smiled at her. 

She moved her black hair out of her face," My name is Ariana."

 "Well it was nice t-"

   "Ariana?" Calum showed up with April.

"Hi Calum," she flashed him a smile.

  "You two know each other?"

"We met earlier," Ariana smiled.

   "Anyway, text me after the show Ariana!" Calum shouted as Ariana left. 

I looked down at Calum and April's hands.

  "Is there anything else you want to tell me?"

" I deserve to be happy!!! I'm so sick and tired of you judging me Luke Hemmings! Calum makes me happy! And I want to be with him! I'm not doing this to get back at you for trying to get back at me, by going out with Allison! I'm doing this for me! And I'm sorry, Calum's sorry for bullying you! I'm sorry for falling in love with your bully! But shit happens! That's in the past! Let! It! Go! But for godsakes let me be happy! And I will do the same for you," April yelled at the top of her lungs.

I looked at her with anger.

   "You don't have to let me be happy with Allison, because I'm not with her anymore!" I yelled back. " I broke up with her for you! April, you are my best friend, and I rather lose the love of my life than lose you." Tears fell down her face, as she tried to process everything I had just said.

 "Don't be confusing her!!!" Calum yelled.

   "I'm not confusing her! I'm simply telling her what I did to try to save our friendship, but clearly our friendship means nothing to her if she's going to stand here and yell at me, saying how I'm not letting her be happy! Well be happy April! Be happy! Because I'm not!" I yelled and walked into the Hazelhurst. 


 April's POV:

 I didn't know I meant that much to Luke Hemmings. Tears ran down my face at the thought of Luke. He was like my brother, and it felt like I had let him down. But Calum... Calum made me feel like the only girl in the world. I never told Luke to break up with Allison. But I, April O'Connor, meant so much to him, that he would throw away his relationship. Just for me.... My happiness was more important than his own. At least that's what he thought....







A/N: Hey guys! I'm sorry if this wasn't that interesting of a chapter :( But..... What about that drama tho?! I've decided to let you guys decide if Luke rekindles his friendship with April or Hate her for going out with Calum. So comment down below what you would like to see The mean Luke or the Nice Luke :) But hurry!!!! If yall don't decide I will have to decide for you!!!

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