Does He Really Love Me?

I will never forgive him for what he has done.. even though it may seem like I have forgiven him. The feeling of being used... sucks. But being used by Calum Hood... feels like you die then come back to life. But I can never forgive and I most definitely will never forget.


22. Hot Guy In The House


  Luke's POV:


 "Babe, it's okay. Forget about that stupid bitch she is nothing to us," Allison held my cheeks as we stood in my room. I couldn't believe her. Why was she being so mean and saying hurtful things about April. I let this go on for to long, now look where we're act!

  "Don't say that!" I aggressively moved away. "She is my best friend! You've been dissing her for too long now Allison!" I stopped to breathe. "If you can't accept our friendship then... I'm sorry it's over."

 She looked at me with disbelief. Her eyes pierced my skin so much that I could feel it burning.

   "You can't break up with me!!!" she yelled and got up in my face.



 Calum's POV:


 April's head rested on my shoulder as we cuddled on Janelle's couch.

 "Alright you two love birds. It's 11:00," Janelle walked in.

"So," April looked at her.

   "Calum needs to leave" I  got up and headed toward the door, so April followed.

"Don't you want to come back to my place," I held her hands.

  "I already told you Calum, I just need my space," she kissed my cheek and looked up at me.

"Fine I'll see you tomorrow then," I kissed her and left.


 The next day...

April's POV:

 "owww! What the fuck Janelle!" I looked back at her with my eyeliner in my hand.

"I'm sorry it's just out there yelling Slap Me! Slap Me!" she laughed and threw herself on the bed. She was refering to my butt. "Why you getting all dolled up for anyway?"

  "Calum and i are going to spend the day together, then he's gonna have to leave for a gig at 5:00 p.m."

"Damn," she laughed and went to the dresser, " here tell him to wrap it up," she handed me some condoms.

  "Oh my god Janelle!!! We aren't going to have sex!" I laughed and pushed them away.

"Hey, you never know what things can lead to," she laughed. The doorbell rang, so she went to go answer it.

  "Hey! Ugh! You little fucker!!!" I heard two pairs of foot steps racing up the stairs. Calum quickly ran into the room, and locked the door behind him.

   "hi babe," he laughed and smiled at me.

  "Calum!!!" Janelle yelled and banged on the door. We both just laughed. 

"You look great," he smiled and kissed my lips.

  "Well thank you, but I'm not done," I smiled and went back to putting my eyeliner on. He sat on the bed and stared at me like I was a movie star getting ready.

 "Okay let's go," I grabbed my little backpack, and went downstairs. 

 Janelle was sitting on the couch with her arms folded. I guess she heard us coming downstairs, so she turned around to look at us.

  "You are still trespassing," she looked at Calum. 

Calum walked over to her and whispered shouted in her ear, "You know you want a hot guy in your house," he laughed and walked back to me. We laughed as we looked at the stupid face Janelle was making.

She rolled her eyes, "hope you attract more girls than guys you lesbian! April!" she yelled, as we walked out of the door.

"well it's 12:00. We have about," he looked at his watch, "4 hours and 30 minutes till I have to leave for my gig tonight, and I know you don't want to go to that. So... what do you want to do?"

 Where could we go? We could go a lot of places. What fun places were here in Sydney??? 

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