Daring To Be Divergent

Tobias Eaton has known Ella Thompson since sixth grade. He's two years older than her. Just like Tris. What happens when Ella and Tris becomes best friends?


2. Tobias and Ella

Tobias' P.O.V.

My dad's work friends are coming over later. Yay! Cue the sarcasm. I was sitting on my bed figuring how to deal with the grade 4 child. Man, I have to talk to a 4th grader. The doorbell rang and I immediately got off of my red and ran downstairs. I opened the door and this beautiful girl was standing in front of me. She was tall for a fourth grader and was pretty skinny. She had long black hair that went down to her hips. Strange, her mom should've cut it. I must've been staring, because she said,"Is there something wrong?" She had a pretty voice too. "Oh, no. Sorry, I'm Tobias,"I said smiling. "I'm Ella and my mum and dad are coming in a few minutes. My mum's still getting ready,"she said returning my smile. "Okay, do you want to come in?" "Sure,"she said, walking in. "So want do you want to do,"I asked nervously. "Well, we have some time so....let's play,"she said beaming. "Okay. What do you want to play?"

Ella's P.O.V.

"Let's play lava,"I said grinning widely. "Okay,"he said. I heard about this game from the Dauntless kids. I overheard them talking about it and I thought it seemed pretty fun. We were having a lot of fun playing, until I fell and hurt my hand. Tobias rushed over to me. "Are you okay Ella,"he said, a worried expression on his face. I laughed,"I'm fine, I promise,"I said getting up like nothing happened. My mum and dad showed up later, and we began eating. "So Ella, how are you liking fourth grade?"Tobias' father asks me. "I like it a lot,"I said smiling. I couldn't help but notice during the whole dinner Tobias kept staring at me. Sadly, it was time to leave. "Bye Tobias,"I said, waving. "Bye Ella,"he said, frowning. I just laughed. 

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