Daring To Be Divergent

Tobias Eaton has known Ella Thompson since sixth grade. He's two years older than her. Just like Tris. What happens when Ella and Tris becomes best friends?


3. The Day Of The Choosing Ceremony

Ella's P.O.V.

Today I'm sneaking in to Tobias' Choosing Ceremony. I couldn't let my friend make his choice without me there could I? Before he went to stand in his place, I went up to him and kissed his cheek. "Goodluck,"I said grinning. "Thanks. Wait, what are you doing here?"he said, clearly concerned. "Well, I just had to see my best friends Choosing Ceremony. But if you don't want me here.*wink* I'll leave,"I said pretending to walk away. 

Tobias' P.O.V.

"Ella come back here,"I said. "No,"she replied turning her head. I ran up to her and tickled her from behind. "Fine I'll stay. Just, stop tickling me,"she said, laughing. I stopped and they called for us to go to our places. I kissed her on the cheek and went to my place. They called all of the names and then, it was my turn. "Tobias Eaton,"the person said. I walked up and took the knife from the man. I cringed as I cut myself. I was still deciding from Abnegation or Dauntless. I put my hand over the coals and watched as my blood dripped onto them. I walked towards the Dautless, my eyes searching for Ella. I couldn't find her. 

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