Daring To Be Divergent

Tobias Eaton has known Ella Thompson since sixth grade. He's two years older than her. Just like Tris. What happens when Ella and Tris becomes best friends?


4. 2 Years Forward

Beatrice's P.O.V.

Im walking to school today with my friend Ella. We have Aptitude tests today. I'm so jealous of Ella. She's just so....perfect. All of the boys from Dauntless stare at her. Most of the girls from Daultless are jealous and bully Ella. She just deals with them in her perfect way. She's smart, brave, honest, and peaceful, a mixture of all the factions. Me? I'm just....me.  Ella and I are waiting to be called for the test. "Ella Thompson and Beatrice Prior,"a lady says. 

Ella's P.O.V.

I walk into a room and see a lady with black hair. "Hello I'm Lauren I'll be doing your test,"she says, smiling. I smile but, I'm really nervous. Beatrice always says I'm perfect. I'm really not. Everyone has their flaws, and I try to explain that to her. 

*skips the test*

I wake up sweaty and my face is full of tears. Lauren isn't in the room and I start to panic. Am I still in the test? Lauren comes back in. "Your tests were...inconclusive,"she says her face looking worried. "What do you mean,"I ask. "Ella, there's a certain thing for this and it's called..Divergence." Divergence? "You can't EVER say that word. Leave early, pretend you're sick. Don't tell anyone. Go!" I run out of the room until I get to the school doors. On the way, I got to Bea. That's my nickname for her. "Oh, um hey Ella what were your test results,"she asks me scared. Could she gave gotten the same results?


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