life of a 12 year old

Rose is a regular girl untill her world turns upside down She starts middle. Shcool And meets. The new Boy What will happen?


2. the boy

When I got to class I sat down next to Katie. Then a boy I've never seen before Sat next to me when class was over Katie came over do you think the new boy is HOTshe said well he is really cute.

    I was walking to my next period when I bumped into a person when I looked up it was the new boy " are you alright he said" I looked up at his big brown eyes yes I stammered. He helped me back up we both looked at each other as we head to our next period his name is David.

    Class was over so me and Katie walked over to the lunch table. Katie`s friend from camp Amy camed over she had long shiney blond hair

and sparkling blue eyes. Hey did you know that Bella lost her virginity with Milken Katie said really I said yea. Wow I'm  only 12 years old and I don't plan of looseing my virginity yet Amy said I know right .

  School was over it was a Friday me Amy and Katie wear having a sleepover tomorrow as I walked home I saw David he smiled and I blushed.

   I got home and I saw my sister on her phone hi I said hi she looking down on her phone. I went to my bedroom and started doing my homework when I was finally down I called Katie hi Katie oh hi she said cool do you want to come over I said no I have homework oh I said. I put the phone down and whent strait to bed.



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