life of a 12 year old

Rose is a regular girl untill her world turns upside down She starts middle. Shcool And meets. The new Boy What will happen?


3. sleepover fumble part 1

       It was a Saturday morning I got up and whent outside to get the mail.I whent back to my room and called Amy,um hey Amy are you coming over for the sleepover?  Amy said that her mom said she can but she has to walk home. I told Amy that me and Katie whould walk with her.

           Really board I event for a short walk walked to the the new naighbor house, I said David on his porch. I think he saw me so I hid in a bush.I checked my phone it was time for the sleepover so I went home.Mom was at work so was my dad my big sister was at a party.

          Ding dong the bell rang I opened the door it was Katie and Amy we all  whent upstairs.I got some makeup and nail polish we started using it."hey Amy how about we do some prank calls "yelled we should like just time a random number. 

            I  got my phone I typed a random phone number Ring ring rang the phone we looked at each other and then Katie answered the phone.Hi I'm Bob im selling fart pillows she said.

.   Sorry guys i haven't been uploading that much I promise i will be uploading more :-)



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