life of a 12 year old

Rose is a regular girl untill her world turns upside down She starts middle. Shcool And meets. The new Boy What will happen?


5. sleep over fumble part 2

    warning contains mature content

                    Katie was about to hang up when the phone picked up "hello who is this" Katie just looked at "Rose you pick up", she said. So I picked this up "oh hi this is prenatal pizza hut", I yelled. "What" I heard a boy that sounded like who was around my age. "Um hello this is um Lily",I said.The on phone person the phone sounded really famillar. "Rose I know it's you on the phone", oh hi David I said we were just calling Billy Bob Jones Daly I quickly hanged up.Amy looked at me and siad uh that was really awkward.

        Hey Katy said "I still didn't tell you how I got my period yet" well whent to summer camp I didn't know anyone there,then she looked to Amy so when I got too my cabin I met Amy and remember during that I had all the period symptoms". "So  One day we were going swimming and I felt something in my underwear I whent to the bathroom and I had my period I didn't know what to do I thought if I swim in water my period would spread in the water. I decided to tell Amy.

        "I didn't know that Amy had her period so when I ask her what to do she gave me a tampon a little mirror and told to go to the bathroom and put it on. I was scared and didn't know what to do when I finally got the tampon on"."whoah" was the only thing I said now I really don't want my period. "Yea it's a bich" Amy said the way I got my period was horrible I was at my old school I was in my class I felt something in my underwear I know it was my period I was preparing for it.

     "I checked my pants and I saw a red stain on my ​white pants it was horrible wrong day to bring white pants. Any ways my teacher was a boy teacher.So I told him I had lady business he let me go so I went to the bathroom. I Change my underwear took out a pad wered my extra pants.When I went back to my class everyone was looking at me I was wearing a different pants that's my storie to Rose remember to always be prepare"."Well I should remember I still don't have my period yet but hey Katie Amy I have friendship bracelets",Amy and Katie each took a bracelet.

         The sleepover whent by fast we watch mermaid vies we did truth or dare did are make up shared are crush. And look thrugh my sister's stuff. We passed out with all the soda we drinked it was like  we're drunk. In the middle of the night I heard something it was not my parents becuse they were already alseep. I walked downstairs and saw my sister drunk from the party I really didn't care so I just went back to bed.In the morning Amy and Katie had breakfast with we had bacan eggs pancakes and oj(Orange juice). The first to go home was Katie me and Amy said bye after Amy was gone I just went to basketball class.


        Hi guys hope you all like this long long chapter took a while sorry for not updating sooner really bussy and I had writers block darn writer's block lol and stay tuned for a new book on movellas called the bad boy Luke part of the resin I haven't been updating is because I've been on wattpad alot and sorry for all the gramer mastakes by love Katy XOXO :-)









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