life of a 12 year old

Rose is a regular girl untill her world turns upside down She starts middle. Shcool And meets. The new Boy What will happen?


1. first day

   Today's the first day of school I wakeup and got dressed I headed down the stairs "hi sweetie are you ready for school" my mom siad no I'm really nervous I said. I got some breakfast my little sister camed out all dressed up.     The bus camed me and my sister headed out the door when I got to school I looked for my friend. I finally found my friend hi Katie hi she said how was camp I said "it was the best I also got my period and I met a girl named Amy you should meet her " .             Ok I said um so how was getting your period like I said well she said I will till you late she said ok I said we both headed  to class. 

    Hi guys sorry the chapter is so short i promise next chapter well be longer.



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