Sequel to The Little Sister. Violet and Daniel are expecting a baby girl but Daniel isn't happy about it. He decides he wants a divorce so Violet gives him what he wants. Violet is thirty weeks pregnant and has to figure out how to raise their daughter on her own.


10. We all make mistakes





Once we got back to L.A, Violet thought that it would be a good idea for me to stay with her at her house so today we were moving all of my things into her house and trying to find room for it around her stuff. Most of my stuff ended up in the basement because it didn't go with how her house was setup but she let me have my own man cave. She said she would have some people come and paint it for me.

"Are you guys sure about this?" Beau asked. Violet nodded her head.

"Beau, we didn't mean to but we did get pregnant again and Ryder has no idea who he is. We really need to parent these kids together." We had told everyone that she as pregnant when we got back and we couldn't just tell them that it was one baby so we came out and told them it was two. This house was big enough for all of us.

"I'm just making sure. It didn't work out last time." We knew exactly what happened last time and we were so stupid to have sex again and not use condoms. I knew she wasn't on birth control because she didn't need anymore. She wasn't with anyone.

"We know, Beau." She said rolling her eyes. Ryder was sleeping upstairs and Violet was carrying around the baby monitor. Her house was huge so she really needed it. I could tell she was exhausted.

"Go relax, we can finish here." I said to her sending her upstairs.

"Are you really sure about this?" Beau asked me.

"Yeah." I answered. "I never stopped loving her and I really want to be apart of Ryder's life and the twins life." I answered. I was hoping at least one of the twins was a boy and I would be beyond happy.

"What are you hoping for?" He asked as he helped my set up a shelf to hold movies that Violet was allowing me to put in the living room.

"At least one boy." I said. I would love to have a boy to play video games with and teach to play sports. I could hear Vi walking around upstairs after I asked her to relax. I sighed.


"I told her to relax." I said to him. I didn't need her stressing about anything right now.

"She never relaxes. You should know that by now." She had reporting outside the gate all day long. She was also getting ready to start filming. They were going to turn her book into a real life thing and her, Ryder and I will be in it as a daytime T.V show and I was very excited.

"I do know that but I wish she would just chill out. I can handle anything she needs." I answered him as we finished with the shelf and we stuck it in the corner.

"Daniel!" Violet yelled.

"What's wrong?" I said running up the stairs.

"Ryder is awake, can you get her for me?"

"Sure." I answered going up the huge staircase that lead two to different sides of the house. "Hi my little love bug!" I said to Ryder who was trying very hard to stand up on her own to no avail. "Uncle Beau is here, would you like to go say hi?" I asked and she giggled while clapping her hands. "And Daddy will feed you a snack before dinner too." Ryder was the most bubbly baby and I couldn't wait to watch her grow up.

"Hi, little one!" Beau said taking her from my arms and resting her on his arm. Beau loved this little girl so much. Sometimes more than his own three. "I'm so exhausted." He said. His girls were four or five, I'm not really sure.

"Why?" I asked.

"It's so hard trying to take care of three kids all at once that are all the same age. One is super smart and is always using big words that I don't know. Another is always eating and another is always eating crayons or something else and drawing on the walls." He said. It was so easy taking care of Ryder. Every so often she would be hungry and once you were done feeding her, you change her. She mostly falls asleep on her own now. One time I walked into the living room as she was asleep, face down on the floor with Violet sitting on the couch. We didn't even move her.

"Bring them over here whenever. I can watch them for you."

"Are you sure?" He asked and I nodded my head.

"I would have to ask Violet but I'm sure she will be fine with it." I said. Ryder began pulling at Beau's face and he handed her back to me. "I'm going to go feed her, want to come?" I asked and he nodded his head as we went into the kitchen where Violet was emptying the dishwasher. "Thought I told you to relax." I said to her while placing Ryder in her high chair and wrapping my arms around her waist.

"You did but we all know that I never relax." Jai came walking through the front door.

"Jesus! It's so hard to get into this place. There are tons of people outside." He said.

"Well yeah, the Styles-Tomlinsons live next door and everyone is trying to get me to speak about seeing Daniel again after I wrote that book." Violet answered.

"Harry and Louis live next door?" I asked.

"Yes. They are coming over tomorrow for dinner and you need to keep yourself together."

"You're lying!" I said.

"I'm not." She said and I got super excited. I was a huge fan of theirs since they were in One Direction but when they came out to the world, they quit the band and they got married and started a family together.

"How many kids do they have?" I asked.

"Three. They have a five year old, a two year old and a newborn." She answered.

"So our kids will have someone to play with." Violet nodded her head. Our backyards were connected and Violet didn't plan on putting up a fence but she was in the process of getting an in ground pool put in. The back door opened and Harry came walking through it.

"Oh, Hey." Violet said. "What's up?" She asked taking the two year old crying boy from his arms and sat him on the island counter.

"He split his lip open. Do you think we need to go to the hospital?" He asked and she pulling the boys lip down to look.

"No. Get me a wet cloth." She said pointing at the draw with the towels in it and I wet it a little handing it to her before getting ice from the fridge and putting it in a bag before wrapping it around another blanket. All of the crying made Ryder start to cry and I remembered that I forgot to feed her. Harry picked her up sticking his finger in her mouth while I made her a bottle.

"Thank you." I said to him as he took to the bottle from me.

"Where's Louis?" Violet asked while she took care of the two year old who's name I still didn't know.

"He took Ellie and Darcy shopping and he left me here with Luka which wasn't a good idea." He said.

"Would you like some lunch?" Violet asked. None of us had eaten yet.

"Sure." He answered and Violet poked Luka's nose before going to look for a pop that was in the freezer and she opened it handing it him. "You're watching them tomorrow right?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, all week. Louis said if it goes well I will be the full time babysitter while you guys are at work." Violet answered. Why was I just hearing about this after I offered to watch Beau's kids?

"Even when the twins are born?" Harry asked.

"Yes." Violet answered.

"Why was I not notified about this?"

"Oh shoot. I forgot to tell you." She said looking at me. "We decided on it before you came to live with me." I knew she needed to have a job because having that one book wasn't going to get her very far for very long.

"Okay but I may have also told Beau that I would watch his kids." She looked at me like she going to kill me.

"Okay, I watch Harry's kids and you watch Beau's kids." She said.

"Okay deal."

"Harry, don't mind me asking but how much are you going to be paying Violet?" Beau asked.

"150 a day. We decided 50 dollar's a kid for all day and we will include gas, food and activities money." Harry answered. Finishing off feeding Ryder before placing her in her seat where I laid out some crackers for her.

"This house is going to be filled with a lot of children." I nodded my head. Well, we better start getting ready.



"I can't believe we are actually having more kids." Daniel said to me after we put Ryder to sleep that night.

"I know. I'm pretty excited though." I thought that Ryder would be my last child. I wasn't planning on having any more after her and I didn't plan on seeing anyone either.

"You are?" He asked as he pulled his pants off leaving him in his boxer's and crawling into the bed next to me.

"Yeah. I always wanted a big family and I figure I wouldn't have any more after Ryder but I am and I'm so excited." I said clapping my hands and he laughed at me. "What do you want them to be?" I asked him and he shrugged.

"I hope at least one of them is a boy." He answered and I nodded my head agreeing with him.

"We have to pick out two different names this time."

"Yeah, I know. That's how it works." He said and I laughed turning over onto my side to face him. "I wish I never left you." He said running a hand through my hair and I smiled at him.

"We all make mistakes." I whispered looking him dead in the eye.

"Worst mistake of my life."

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