Sequel to The Little Sister. Violet and Daniel are expecting a baby girl but Daniel isn't happy about it. He decides he wants a divorce so Violet gives him what he wants. Violet is thirty weeks pregnant and has to figure out how to raise their daughter on her own.


9. Visiting Theresa




this chapter goes with 'Visiting Theresa' in the first part of this story


When we got back to America, I got a call from Theresa, the medium from New York.

"Who was that?" Daniel asked.

"Do you remember when we went to see Theresa?" I asked and he nodded his head. "She wants us to come and see her again." I said and he got super excited as he was holding Ryder's seat.


"Right now!" I said. We were still at the airport so we had to go and buy different tickets to fly to Long Island. I was excited and I was very prepared for what she was going to say this time around.



"It's so good to see you again!" She said hugging me and then Daniel. "Oh my gosh! Who is this little one?" She asked.

"That's our daughter, Ryder."

"She's beautiful."

"Thank you."

"Okay, let's get started. Your mom has been coming to me for months but I was just able to call you." She said. She was coming through? I thought she said everything she had to say. "She won't shut up about you. She talks to me all the time." I laughed.

"She was always a talker."

"She wants you to know that she knows about all of her grandchildren. Who's Oliver?" She asked.

"My nephew." I answered.

"Your mother feels bad that's he's the only boy." She said and I laughed. "She's showing me a fetus." She said and I was shocked.

"I'm pregnant." I answered and she shook her head.

"You're what?" She asked.

"I'm pregnant."

"What's this divorce she is talking about?"

"We got a divorce about eight months ago."

"What are you doing here together? And having another baby?" She asked.

"We went to visit his parents together and that's where we found out we were pregnant."

"How did you get pregnant again?"

"You have children. I think you know how it works." I actually had an amazing relationship with her daughter, Victoria who now has two children and she is eight months pregnant with her first little boy. Her husband was excited about that one.

"Yes I do know how that works." She laughed and I joined her. "She's very proud of you. I know you knew that before but she is so proud and she was there with you in the hospital room while you were giving birth. Daniel, she's angry with you that you weren't there to take care of her little girl when she was going through that pain. She wanted you to be there." I looked over at Daniel and I could see the regret in his eyes. He looked over at me. He was never comfortable crying in front of other people and he grabbed my hand before he stuck his face in my neck. It was hard watching him cry.

"I regret not being there for either of them." He said looking up at her with tears still streaming down his face.

"She wants you to raise these three children together." I looked at her confused.

"Three?" I asked.

"You're having twins." I was shocked. Oh jesus. Two! We were having two babies! When I get nervous, I start laughing so, I started laughing. I was crying and laughing and I felt bad because Daniel couldn't stop crying. "She says she wants you to fight. Fight for this. You two are so close and you both hurt each other but you were meant to be together. Don't ruin it." Daniel turned to me and hugged me and I hugged him back.

"Thank you much." I said to her.

"Hey no, you're staying for dinner. Victoria is coming over with the kids and Larry and Leah are coming too." Larry had married Leah many years ago, he was six years older than me and they had two kids. Two boys. "When did you get a tattoo?" She asked me and I was so surprised that she brought that up. Right before we got pregnant with Ryder, I got a tattoo on my boob that said mom and the day she was born and the day she left us.

"I got it a year ago."

"It it like on your chest?" She asked.

"Yes! Right on my boob!" I said and she laughed. I loved spending time here. We had been here more than once and every time I have had so much fun.

"I love you so much!" She said and I laughed. "Now let me meet this little one." She said and I handed her over to her. "You are the sweetest little thing in the whole world! And you're so quiet!" Her grandchildren were very much like her, very loud. Victoria walked through the front door and was very surprised to see me.

"Oh my gosh!" She said hugging me. "What are you doing here?"

"Your mom called me and said my mom was talking to her so me and Daniel came over to see what all the fuss was about." I smiled at her.

"I thought you guys were divorced?"

"We are but, things are complicated."

"Well what's going on?"

"I'm pregnant. With Daniel's baby." Daniel is the only person I have ever slept with. I couldn't imagine myself sleeping with anyone besides him and I don't regret it. I don't regret anything either of us have done in our lives I just found it weird that whatever we do in life, always brings us back to each other.

"You've been a very naughty girl." She said to me and I laughed.

"I could say the same to you." She laughed with me. A very pregnant and cranky Leah came through the door and Larry had to the two older boys in front of him while he was carrying a bag of food.

"Hey." He said hugging us each and shaking hands with Daniel.

"It's a full house tonight." Theresa said and we all agreed.

I smiled over at Daniel and I knew this is where we were suppose to be. Surrounded by people we loved and yes we have made a lot of mistakes in our life and we were bringing two more children into this world but I loved him more than anything else in the entire world.



We had gotten a hotel room that night before we headed out the next morning and I just sat there looking at Violet sleeping cuddled up to my side. I ran my hand through her hair and she moved her head into my hand. I smiled at her with Ryder on my chest as she rubbed my ear. Why did I ever let them go?

"Hi beautiful girl. It is way past your bedtime. What are you doing up." I asked Ryder as she sat up on my chest and started banging her little fists on it before screaming and giggling at herself. "Hey no. It's time to sleep." She shook her head no knowing exactly what I was talking about.

"What are you doing?" Violet asked as she woke up.

"She won't go to sleep."

"Get her juice. It's in the fridge." I placed Ryder on the bed next to Vi before I went to the fridge to get it and handed it to Ryder who laid herself down beside me and Violet and rest her hand on my ear. She looked at my ear and then looked at Violets and played with the earring. She then reached for my eyebrow where there was another piercing and she played with that too.

"Go to bed, Ryder." She shook her head again as her eyes slowly closed and the sucking sound from the bottle stopped. "Goodnight my lovebug." I said kissing her head. I'm never going to let go of these four ever again. I have no idea why I did in the first place. I was so stupid.

The next morning I got Ryder dressed and brought her downstairs with me to get some free breakfast. I grabbed Violet a bagel and toasted it and I grabbed Ryder a yogurt. I also got cereal, milk and muffins.

"Good morning." I whispered to Violet as Ryder was sitting on the floor playing with some toys.

"Good morning." She leaned up and kissed me.

"I brought you some food." I said laying the tray on the bed next to her. "Eat up and then get ready because we gotta head out." She nodded her head and I turned my attention back to Ryder who had somehow gotten herself across the room. "Hey, come back here." I said chasing after her and she giggled at me before laying herself on the floor.

"She might need to be changed."

"Okay." I said holding her still has I opened her diaper and changed it for Violet.

"Did she eat?"

"I brought her a yogurt and I gave her some formula earlier." I answered. It was amazing that we were co-parenting. We had trouble with that in the past but everything was changing and I was so very excited for how it was changing. Before, I never saw the point in trying because well, I didn't want to try and seeing how much of my daughter's life that I have already missed out on, I'm glad I have two more to fix it all and I'm so glad that Violet is giving me the chance to fix all the wrong I have done.

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