Sequel to The Little Sister. Violet and Daniel are expecting a baby girl but Daniel isn't happy about it. He decides he wants a divorce so Violet gives him what he wants. Violet is thirty weeks pregnant and has to figure out how to raise their daughter on her own.


20. Tinley Jayde





Ryder was starting Kindergarten today and I was so emotional about it. And not just because I was seven months pregnant. My boys were heading off to preschool and my little girl was getting older. 

"You don't have to cry, Mommy." She said to me when we got to the school. "It's going to be okay." She answered and I knew that she was right but it was just heart breaking. Daniel was trying to chase the boys around to make sure that they didn't get into any trouble before we brought them over to their school. 

"I just can't believe how grown up you are." I said to her and she giggled a little while covering her mouth with her hand. 

"Are you going to get the baby checked today?" She asked and I nodded my head. We were having a little girl and we were still deciding on names. Each kid has given us a few names that they thought would work and I haven't really decided if they would. Koda came running over and hugged my legs. 

"Mommy!" He shouted up at me. Kam was my quiet kid. The other two were always talking and causing some type of trouble, not that I minded though. 

"We are going to head over to your school as soon as she goes in, okay?" I asked him and nodded his head. The outside bell rang and all of the kids went running to their spot outside where they all lined up. Daniel came over holding Kam. "Hi, Kamden, were you having fun?" I asked running my hand through his almost blonde hair. 

"Yeah!" He said giggling a little. We watched as Ryder walked into the school and waved at us all one last time. 

"Alright, we gotta get these little one's off to preschool." Daniel said as we went back to the parking lot and got into the car. 

"Ugh, this is the worst part." I commented when we pulled up to the school. I didn't want to leave my babies. I wanted them to stay little forever. "Bye boys, I'll see you later. I love you." I said. They both had the same teacher so they never had to leave each other but it was so hard for me to just drop them off and send them off into this big cruel world. 

"Love you, Mommy." They both called. 

"Alright, mommy, let's go check on our smallest child, shall we?" Daniel asked and I nodded my head. He drove over to the doctor where we were able to see that our little girl was growing perfectly and everything seemed normal. We have an interview soon with Ellen because of my new book coming out, it's a sequel type thing about life with three kids all under the age of five. 



"I'm gonna ask some random questions that the fans have been wanting to know." She said and I was a little worried. "If you could marry anyone else in the world, who would you marry?" 

"I would say Harry Styles but he's married." I said laughing a little. "He's also our neighbor and he's probably watching this." I laughed. "But I don't think I would want to be with anyone else. We've been together since I was sixteen." I answered. "But, the Styles-Tomlinson's are a very nice family." I said and she laughed a little. 

"They were on here a few months ago and they both looked exhausted." I laughed a little. 

"Yeah, they have four kids so they're pretty busy all the time." We almost had the same amount of kids. When Harry was pregnant, they rarely left the house so no one knew and when they all of a sudden had a newborn, they just told everyone that they adopted him. 

"And how many do you guys have?" 

"We have three, and one on the way." It was clear that I was pregnant. I wasn't trying to hide it. 

"And you've got a book coming out?" She asked and I nodded. 

"I do, I've got a book coming out and the fifth season of our t.v show is about to air and it's just been hectic at our house." The crowd cheered. 

"What is this book based on?" 

"Our life with three kids. Our very crazy hectic life. I wouldn't change this life for anything in the world." 



"We have to talk about names." I nodded my head at Daniel. We only have about four weeks to decide on a name for our baby girl before she was here. We had the other's names picked out way before my due date and I really can't believe that we waited this long. 

"Do you have anything in mind?" I asked and he shook his head. 

"Did you?" He asked as I pulled the baby name book out. I had some highlighted from when we were looking with the other kids. "Tinleigh?" I questioned and he looked over at me. 

"Tinleigh Brooks?" Daniel had changed his last name to fit all of ours instead of having to change the kids names and I think my brother's were very happy about not changing my name. "What about a middle name?" He asked and I shrugged. 

"Whatever you want." I answered. I really loved the name Tinleigh and who knows, we might change our minds when she's born. 

"Grace?" He questioned. I felt like so many people had their kids middle name as Grace now, my middle name was Grace for god sake!"Marie?" He asked and I shook my head. 

"Something simple." 

"Jane." He said. "Nah, Jayde." He said. 

"How do you want to spell that?" I questioned. 

"J-A-Y-D-E." He said and I nodded my head. 

"I like it. Tinleigh Jayde Brooks." 

"Should we change the spelling of Tinleigh?" He asked. I looked over at him with a confused look. 

"Yes, but how?" I loved the name but I didn't really like the spelling of it. 

"How about T-I-N-L-E-Y?" He asked. "Tinley Jayde Brooks." He answered and I nodded my head. 

"Sounds good to me." I would have to paint a big T to hang in the nursery. "Can I go tell Harry and Louis?" I asked and he nodded his head. I got up from the table and went out the back door and walked over to their house and in the back door. "Harry!" I shouted and I heard him grunt before he sighed. 

"What?" He asked coming out of the living room with his hair a mess. 

"Were you have sex?" I asked giggling a little. 

"We were trying." 

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to tell you the name of the baby." His eyes popped open and he smiled. 

"Oooh! I wanna know!" He said sitting down at the table. 

"Okay. Tinley Jayde." I said and he smiled. 

"That's so adorable!" He said. 

"I don't care if you don't think that, Harry. I like it." I could tell when he was lying. 

"Oh stop! I like the name. All of your kids have weird names. I mean Koda? Really?" He asked and I laughed. 

"It's from Brother Bear!" I said laughing more. "Anyway, I'll leave you two to it." I said smirking before kissing his head and heading back out the door I came from. I knew that we were going to be okay now. It's been four years since me and Daniel got back together but this time it seems real. 

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