Sequel to The Little Sister. Violet and Daniel are expecting a baby girl but Daniel isn't happy about it. He decides he wants a divorce so Violet gives him what he wants. Violet is thirty weeks pregnant and has to figure out how to raise their daughter on her own.


18. The Brooks




Violet is 38 weeks pregnant, Eve is 20 weeks pregnant, and Harry is 16 weeks pregnant 


"I think it's time." I said to Daniel who looked at me confused. 


"I think I'm ready for them to be born." I commented. 

"What? No. Wait one more day." His parents were coming over from Australia to be here when they are born. They were coming early just in case the twins come early but I have a feeling they won't be here any time soon. 

"I feel like I'm going to go over my due date." I said to him as I rubbed my back with my hands. It was pretty late and I just got Ryder to sleep. She horribly ill and she hasn't been sleeping well. 

"What was that thing you said you needed to tell me?" He asked. "You said that Harry told you something a few weeks ago." 

"Yeah but Louis doesn't know yet." 

"Is he cheating?" What?

"What? No. Harry's pregnant." 

"How is that even possible?" He asked and I shrugged. "Does he have a vagina?" He asked and I laughed. 

"No. He'll have a c-section." I answered and he nodded. "I'm excited for him." I said. "Harry has always wanted to carry a baby." It was true. Since Harry was about 18 he talked about having kids and he often stuffed pillows under his shirt to make it seem like he was pregnant. 

"I'm happy for them too, but he needs to tell Louis." I nodded. 

"Yeah, I know." Harry has been walking on eggshells for a while now. When Louis came home, and Harry was sick, he freaked out. Harry told him he was fine and has been hiding it ever since. 

"Come lay with me." He said holding his arms out and I smiled before going to lay in his arms. "I'm very excited to meet my boys." Well, they are going to be here before we know it. 




There was no sign of these two coming anytime soon and I was two days over my due date. I'm not uncomfortable or anything, I'm just ready for them to be here. I've been laying in bed all day eating ice cream with family coming in and out all the time. 

"Daniel!" I shouted and heard him running from downstairs and I giggled a little to myself. 

"What's wrong?" 

"Can you run a bath for me?" I asked and he sighed before walking into our bathroom and began running the water. 

"Nothing is happening in there?" He asked and I shook my head. I've never made it to my due date before so this was all new to me. I was a little afraid. He rest his hand on my stomach as he lifted my shirt up over my head and helped me get my shorts down my body. 

"I'm so ready to give birth." I sighed. I had enough of this. Ryder was a busy baby and I couldn't keep up with her anymore so I would love to just be able to sleep on my stomach again and be able to crawl around on the floor with my sweet girl. 

"I know but they aren't ready." He answered as he massaged my back. 

"It's just getting tight in there." I said. "We need to jump start this labor somehow." 

"What can I do?" He asked. 

"Go look up some things." I said and he kissed me before he left the room and came back with my laptop. 

"We could have sex." He said and I looked over at him. "Okay, something else." His mom came into the room and looked over his shoulder. 

"What are we doing?" His mom asked and I sighed. I was just getting to the point where I was just annoyed with everything and I wasn't even sure why. 

"We are seeing what we can do to jump start labor." Daniel answered. I felt a hand feel my stomach. 

"Your stomach is really hard." She said and I nodded. I knew it was a hard, it was attached to me. "I have an idea. How much do you like spicy foods?" She asked. 

"Love them." 

"We were going to order some pizza so we will order a buffalo chicken with extra hot sauce. We can at least try it." Daniel shrugged before he headed out of the room. Once the water became cold, I got out and got dressed. As soon as I reached the bottom step the doorbell rang and Ryder came crawling out of the office. 

"Where are you going little Missy?" I asked her while opening the door to the pizza guy. "Daniel!" I shouted. I couldn't hold the pizza's and I knew he would be angry if I did. 

"Hey, thanks man." He said handing the guy the money and taking the pizza. "Ryder, let's go." Daniel said to the little blue eyed girl who was trying to pull herself up to stand at the door to wave goodbye to the pizza guy. "Say bye-bye to the man and we have to go eat okay?" He said to her. Daniel was an amazing father and I knew he was trying his hardest to make sure that me and Ryder had everything we needed. The camera's have been filming this pregnancy from  the start and we were told to call them if I go into labor in the middle of the night. 

"Ry, baby, come on. We need to eat." I said holding her hand. I tried to bend over to help her walk but it wasn't working for me so I just lifted her and rested her on my hip. "Are you gonna have some pizza for Mommy like a good girl?" I asked and she just giggled and clapped her hands at me. 

"So, what have we decided to name these little guys?" Daniel's dad asked and I smiled at him before sitting down. 

"Koda Daniel and Kamden Scot." I answered. I was in love with their names that I could barely function. I loved talking about their names and where I found them. I loved everything about it. 

"Oh those are so cute!" His mom gushed. "I think twins should always have the same letter for their first name." 

"Yes, I agree." Of course there names of twins that weren't the same letter's, like my brother's but you know we made it work. "I'm just ready to meet them." I answered. The worst part about being pregnant is the waiting period. But everyone knows that I would do it all over again. 



Contractions began around five in the morning once Ryder woke up and was hungry. I tried to hide them but Daniel's mom caught on very quickly as to what was happening and went to get Daniel while I called the camera crew. 

"How are you feeling, Violet?" Phil, the oldest of the crew asked. 

"It's a little painful but I can deal with it." I said. I just needed to focus on Ryder and make sure that everything went smooth with her. I didn't want her to get upset about it. 

"Are you excited?" 

"So excited, I just know it's going to hurt really bad." 

"Well, yeah." One of the girls said and I laughed. I was ready to get this show on the road. 



Beau came over to watch Ryder for us for a few hours and everyone was taking shifts. Daniel's father offered to watch her while I was actually in birth claiming that he didn't need to see that in the nicest way possible. 

"How are you feeling, Kid?" Beau asked me as he came and sat beside the tub where I was planning to give birth and he held my hand as a contraction hit. 

"It hurts like a bitch." I hissed. I swear to god that this was worse than last time. I may not be able to do this. I've never given birth naturally. Last year, with Ryder, I had an emergency c-section and I felt no pain beside the little contractions I got but she was out before it got any worse. "I've never done this before." I hissed. We had doctors near by just in case something went wrong but so far everything was going smooth so I'm pretty sure we will be fine. 

"Did your water just break?" He asked as a little blood filled the bath and a mucus color followed. 

"Must have." I hissed as everyone watched on from where they were but Daniel traded placed with Beau just as Luke and Jai got here. "Holy shit!" I shouted as I pushed and out popped a little head. "Ugh!" I shouted as I pushed a little more. How am I even doing this?! This was the worst pain I've ever felt. 

"Catch him, Vi." My midwife said and I reached between my legs just in time for Koda to come out. Koda Daniel was born on December 13th at 4:17 p.m weighing 6 pounds and 11 ounces. I didn't get much time to look at Koda before Kamden decided to make his little face known to the world. Kamden was born at 4:21 pm weighing 5 pounds and 11 ounces. My little boys hard light brown hair and hopefully blue eyes like their sister. 



I was relaxing in bed as family and friends came in and out. Harry and Louis came walking through the door and each kissed my head. 

"They are beautiful." Harry whispered as he picked up Koda. The only way I could tell them apart was the color I wrapped them in and I had them in a onesie that said their name as soon as they were cleaned off. "Where's Ryder?" 

"She's went home with Jai for the night." I answered. "Figured we could have just the twins for tonight." I answered. Although I was exhausted, I was so very excited about having them here. I went past my due date and everyone was freaking out so it's good to have them here. 

"I can't believe that we get to do this with our baby." Louis whispered as he looked down at Kamden while sitting on the bed. "I'm very offended that you knew before me." He said and I laughed. 

"I'm sorry, he just needed someone to tell." 

"Thank you for being there for him." Louis said smiling at me and then giving those loving eyes to Harry which made me smile. "I saw Daniel down there washing dishes." He whispered. 

"Like hand washing them? We have a dishwasher." I said giggling. 

"I mean, I wasn't gonna be the one to pop his bubble." He said and I laughed. "Good job, Violet, they're perfect." Louis said kissing my head again. 

"Thank you." I answered. "Let's go get some dinner." I said as we all headed downstairs, Louis and Harry each holding a twin. This was the hardest year of my life but I would do it all over again to get  to where I am now. 

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