Sequel to The Little Sister. Violet and Daniel are expecting a baby girl but Daniel isn't happy about it. He decides he wants a divorce so Violet gives him what he wants. Violet is thirty weeks pregnant and has to figure out how to raise their daughter on her own.


2. Santa baby





    I found myself down at the cafe for the past month becoming amazing friends with the cooks and the ladies who worked there. The first women I ever met there, Mary, she offered me a job up front saying I was friendly. I had to remind her that I was due in three weeks and I couldn’t stand on my feet for very long, She responded with that she didn’t care. I was family and all family works here. I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face when she said that to me.

    “Merry Christmas, Violet.” She said with a smile when I walked into the cafe and she stood there holding a small bag before she handed it to me.

    “What’s this?” I asked her.

    “It’s from us and your baby.” She said and I sat down to open it. There was a bracelet with many different charms on it. One said daughter, another said niece, another said sister, and the very last one said mom. I smiled and hugged her. Her arms barely were able to wrap around my stomach.

    “Thank you so much.” I said as she helped me put it on. “I love it.” I admired the bracelet.

    “I’m glad.” She said. “Do you miss your family?” She asked and I shook my head no. “Why not?”

    “Because how can I miss them when they are all right through that door?” I asked and she smiled. “You’re my family now. Those boys don’t care about me anymore. My babies father wants nothing to do with her.” I said and sat down in the chair so I wouldn’t have to stand the whole time. A family walked in and there were six of them. Four adults and two teenagers. “Table for six?” I asked and the teenage boy nodded his head. “Right this way.” I said lifting myself off the chair as best as I could. It’s hard to do normal things while pregnant.

    “Oh my gosh! When is that little munchkin due?” The one of the women asked and I smiled.

    “She’s due on January 11th.” I smiled at her.

    “Well congrats! That date it so close!” She said and I smiled.

    “Yes. I’m very excited to meet her.” I said.

    “There is no better feeling in the world than when your child is placed in your arms for the first time.” She said and I knew that would be the best feeling ever because I don’t really have feelings for anything else anymore.

    “Your waiter will be right over.” I walked back into the kitchen to greet everyone else I hadn’t said hi to yet.

    “Hi, Violet!” The head cook said. I did look at him like a father figure. I hugged him and he was careful of my baby. My Belly was super hard it never  felt hard. I used to be able to press on it now I can’t. She had been moving around so much. At night I would get four or five kicks until she would finally settle and let me sleep. I’m not complaining though.

    “Feel right here!” I said while taking his hand as she kicked me.

    “Be nice to your momma!” He said and I giggled.

    “Violet! You’re needed out front!” I heard and I wobbled out to the couple that was standing in front of me. Daniel and some girl with blonde hair on his arm.

    “What are you doing here?” I barked at him. His eyes went down to my belly and I tried to cover it but it was so huge it wasn’t working.

    “I came to have dinner with my girlfriend.” He said and I rolled his eyes. He already had a girlfriend? It’s barely been a month. I grabbed two menus and walked them over to a table and sat them down. I knew Daniel would always ask for a booth but I walked away before he could.

    “Violet, you need to be nice.” Mary said when I saw her.

    “That’s him.” I said and my emotions were getting the best of me. I started getting very hot and I felt like I was going to pass out. Tears filled my eyes and I sat down and crossed my arms. It’s the hardest thing in the world to be carrying his child and he doesn’t even care about her. Tears flooded out of my eyes and my breathing became uneven.

    “Get him out of here.” Mary said as she handed me water and tried to calm me down. “You need to relax. You could go into labor.” She said as she sat beside me and rubbed my back. I could feel Ryder kicking me. She probably knew I was having a hard time. “I’ll take you home.” She said as we stood up. She walked me home and the walk was very quiet.

    Once I got back we went inside and I went to lay down. Mary brought me some tea and she placed it on the bedside table.

    “He really messed you up.” She said and I nodded my head afraid that my voice wouldn’t be heard. She nodded her head. “How long were you together?” She asked.

    “Since I was sixteen. I knew him my whole life.” I said. It was like my whole world was falling apart. He was suppose to be there when I needed him and he wasn’t. He was suppose to help me raise this little girl and show her that not all guys are awful. How am I suppose to teach my little girl that she can trust people when the first guy she is suppose to love, leaves? “How am I going to raise this baby without him?” I asked her and she sighed.

    “The exactly same way you would raise her if he was here.” She said before she laid down beside me. SHe turned the T.V on. “I will help you. I promise. He may not want to be in her life, but I do.” She said and I smiled at her.

    “I don’t know what I would do without you.” I said and she shrugged.

    “You would have figured it out, you always do.” My phone began to ring then and it was Hayden. I should probably answer it.

    “Hello?” I asked into the phone.

    “Merry Christmas.” She said.

    “Merry Christmas.” I answered back.

    “Are you coming over for dinner?” She asked. Did she really think I wanted to see those children and my brother? Did she really think I wanted that? To see that they were a happy family and that those kids were being raised by two parents while mine had a father that wanted nothing to do with her?

    “No.” I answered.

    “Oh. Why not?” She asked.

    “I don’t feel good.” I answered.

    “Do you need me to come over there. Daniel said he was coming.” She said and I rolled my eyes.

    “He will have a blonde attached to him when he shows up.” I said before hanging up. The doorbell rang then and I sighed.

    “I’ll get it.” Mary said before she stood up and went to the front door. I could hear many different voices before Mary came back into my room smiling and Frankie and Zach were standing at the door.

    “Hi!” I shouted before the both walked around the bed and hugged me.

    “Hello, Beautiful.” It been such a long time since someone had called me that. “Can we lay with you?” Frankie asked and I moved to the center of the bed so they could each lay on each side of me. “Why are you living here?” He asked.

    “Daniel and I split.” I said and he nodded his head.

    “I’ve seen it on nearly every magazine I pick up.” I’ve seen them too. ‘Baby Mama Drama’, ‘Divorced and Pregnant’, they always seem to get worse and worse. “What happened?” He asked.

    “He didn’t want her.” I said. I was sure that he wanted me. If I wasn’t pregnant, I think we would still be together but I’m not blaming this baby for the divorce. I’m blaming him. Ever since I was a little girl I would always tell him that I wanted a big family because my mom wanted a big family. He knew that the second I married him, I would want kids. If he wasn’t ready or a baby, he should have never gotten married.

    “What are you naming her?” Zach asked.

    “Ryder. I haven’t decided on a middle name yet.” I answered.

    “Frankie!” He shouted and I laughed.

    “I would like her to have a girl middle name.” I answered sitting up a little. “My back is killing me!” I shouted. I sat up and Frankie and Zach stuffed pillows behind my back.

    “Could you be going into labor?” Zach asked and I shook my head.

    “She’s not due for another three weeks.” I said as the pain shot through my back again and I shouted out in pain.

    “Let’s go. I’m taking you to the hospital.” Zach quickly stood up and went to get Mary who was in the kitchen. Frankie helped me stand up and get my shoes on.

    “Jesus! It hurts!” I said bending over trying to get the pain to stop. We finally got down the stairs and into the car.  

    “She’s in labor. Her water is probably going to break any minute.” Mary said and I began to panic.

    “It’s too early! She’s not ready!” I shouted.

    “Violet, the baby decides when it’s ready.” Tears filled my eyes. I couldn’t help but think that something was wrong. The hospital ride seemed to take forever but as soon as we got in there, there were nurses surrounding me. I refused to let go of Zach’s hand. Frankie and Mary weren’t happy that they weren’t allowed to come with me, they thought Zach was my husband.

    “We need to take her into emergency C-section right now!” One of the doctors shouted. The began to prepare and had Zach get into scrubs.

    “Do you want me to call your brothers?” Zach asked.

    “No.” I said. I couldn’t feel anything anymore.

    “Get ready.” I watched Zach’s face the whole time. I hope she is okay. I couldn’t help but think that I was going to lose her too. Please God please don’t take her. I need her! Tears filled my eyes and I saw Zach look over and he smiled.

    “She’s beautiful.” He whispered. I finally heard her cry and I cried. There was nothing like that cry. Even her cry sounded beautiful. They cleaned her up and they finally showed me her face before they placed her in Zach’s arms. I’ve never seen someone fall in love with someone so quickly. The love that he had for her was already so deep. “You still haven’t figured out a middle name.” He said. They had already gotten me all stitched and we were headed back to a room.

    “Violet. Ryder Violet.” I answered. Of course I was going to name her after me. I was naming her after the strongest person I knew. “After the strongest person I know.” I said. I was finally able to hold her. She’s here. She is finally here. My baby girl. She’s here. I couldn’t help but cry. “She was so worth it.” Everything that I had gone through. She was worth it. Zach took pictures and went to go get Mary and Frankie.

    “She’s beautiful.” Mary whispered and I could tell that she was crying. I handed Ryder over to her. “Did you figure out a middle name?” She asked.

    “Violet, after the strongest person I know.” Doctors came in and out of the room making sure me and the baby were okay.

    “It seems that your due date was wrong. She is perfectly healthy and she was right on time.” A nurse said to me.

    “There is a baby bag that was prepared in my closet back at the apartment. It’s all in a purple bag. Could you get it for me?” I asked Frankie who as quick as possible, went and came back with the bag.




    Mary drove me and Ryder home. She said she couldn’t stay because she had to get back to the cafe. I walked into an empty house. Or so I thought. Frankie and Zach were there with both of their parents. I smiled and hugged everyone.

    I didn’t need Daniel here because I had Ryder. She was ten times more important than anyone else in this entire world. She was the reason I was alive. She’s the reason that I hadn’t died many years ago. Ryder Violet was the reason I was alive. She was the reason for everything. Merry Christmas Ryder. You’re the best gift anyone could have given for me Christmas.


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