Sequel to The Little Sister. Violet and Daniel are expecting a baby girl but Daniel isn't happy about it. He decides he wants a divorce so Violet gives him what he wants. Violet is thirty weeks pregnant and has to figure out how to raise their daughter on her own.


16. He really is






I got a call from Jai that Chris was in the hospital and that I should probably go over there and see what was going to happen. I sighed looking over at Daniel while we were in the car. Ryder was sound asleep in the back of the car. Lip and Scarlett were waiting for us outside when we pulled up. 

"We were wondering if we could have the mercy meal at your house." Lip asked and I nodded my head. 

"Whatever you need." I said. Chris' family were on their way over here and the were all going to be staying with Jai or in a hotel. All of the family that were going to be coming here, were my family that I haven't seen in 24 years. 

"He didn't survive." Scarlett said. She didn't seem upset about it but maybe it was because I really didn't care. The only reason I was here was because they were my half siblings but I was here for my brother's. 

"Where's Jai?" I asked and they both shrugged. I had left Ryder with Daniel who went off to who know's where so clearly I was on my own. Beau came walking through the door and he saw me right away. 

"What do we do?" He asked and I shrugged. We were his children. Us six needed to figure this out and Lip and Scarlett didn't have money like we did so we were clearly on our own. 

"I told them we would have the mercy meal at my house but his family is coming over here and I'm going to let them decide." He nodded his head. 

"Where's Ry?" 

"She's here with Daniel somewhere." I said placing my hands on my hips. I swear to god all of these people were going to put me into labor. "He better not be letting her crawl around on the floor." I answered and Jai laughed. 

"I gotta tell you something." Jai said to me smiling and I gave him a look. I knew exactly what he was going to say to me but I was going to wait. "Eve's pregnant." He said getting excited just as I did.

"Congrats!" I said hugging him. "Who else knows?" I asked. 

"Luke. I haven't seen the other guys." 

"How far along is she?" I asked. 

"She's like 14 weeks." 

"What? How did she go that far and not know it?" I asked and he shrugged. 

"She did we just didn't tell anyone." How did he hide that from me for so long?

"You're kinda mean!" I said hitting his chest lightly. I was so excited for him! They had been trying to have a baby for a long time and finally they came out and told us they were pregnant! "Congrats." I said hugging him again. 

"Thank you." 

"What are we going to do about Lip and Scarlett?" I asked and he shrugged. 

"I really don't want them staying with me any longer." He said. "I have a kid on the way now so like..." He trailed off. 

"What? Eve is pregnant?" Daniel asked from behind us with Ryder. Jai turned around and nodded his head. "Congrats man!" Daniel said hugging him. I really couldn't believe that he was going to be a dad. 

"You're a dad!" I said and he laughed. 

"Not until she gives birth. Calm down. I've got time." 

"No you don't." Daniel commented. "It come's a lot faster than you think." 



Me and Daniel cleaned the house like crazy people and had all of the food catered so we would be able to hold this stupid mercy meal. We didn't bother going to the funeral because well, I didn't want to. He was a horrible man and I wasn't going to celebrate him. 

"You must be Violet." Someone said as I greeted her at the door and I smiled. 

"I am, yes." I said shaking her hand. 

"When is this little guy due?" She asked touching my stomach. I hated when stranger's did that. Fans did it all the time which I was fine with because I wanted them to but they were young girls. 

"They are due in ten weeks." It was only October so I still have time. "They aren't due until December tenth." I answered nodding my head. 

"There's two of them?" She asked. 

"Two boys." I said holding up two finger's. Daniel came walking into the room where we were standing. "This is Daniel, my husband, and our daughter, Ryder." Daniel was not my husband but for family's sake I was going to say he was so it didn't sound so complicated. Harry and Louis came through the door next with their three kids. 

"I would say I'm sorry but you're not even sorry. I'm here for food." Louis said and I laughed. The man was an asshole but he was funny. But he was right. Jai, Eve, Luke, Hayden and their kids walked through the door with Lip and Scarlett behind them. 

"Yo! Food is in the kitchen, help yourselves." I said. Ryan and Oliver came over to me and I kissed each of them. 

"When are the babies coming?" Ryan asked. 

"Not until December." She huffed. 

"Can I bring them to school with me?" She asked and I laughed. 

"No you cannot bring them to school with you." I said and she huffed again. 

"Then what's the point?" For a seven year old she was kinda mean to me. I shook my head before walking into the kitchen. More quests showed up and me and brother's introduced ourselves. 

"This place is amazing." Someone commented. 

"Thank you." Ryder was getting fussy so I gave her some banana's and then some juice and she fell asleep in my arms. 

"She's beautiful." Someone else commented and I smiled. 

"Yeah, we did good." I said looking over at Daniel who had three year old Oliver in his lap and they were playing a game before Beau's girls walked over. Daniel did a lot of things wrong in his life but maybe it was time to forgive him for that. I can't keep holding him back from his past. 


My stomach hurt like you wouldn't believe so I had called in sick to work. Harley was very understanding since I was 32 weeks pregnant with twins. It's harder than carrying just one baby, and I've already done that. 

"How are you feeling?" Beau asked coming to lay in bed with me. Daniel took Ryder to work with him so I could have some time alone but clearly he sent someone to check on me. 

"Really shitty." I said. "Only eight more weeks." 

"I can't believe you're gonna have three kids soon." 

"You have three kids." I said looking over at him and he nodded. 

"Yeah but I'm older than you." 

"You had them at my age didn't you?" 

"No. I was older." He said and I nodded my head. "Have you decided on names for the twins?" He asked and I smiled. I was very happy with our baby names. 

"Koda Daniel and Kamden Scot." I answered. "Want to see the nursery?" I asked and he nodded his head getting off the bed before helping me out of the bed. 

"I love the spelling of their names." He said looking at the k's that I painted and wrote their names on it. 


"How did you come up with those names?" 

"Well Koda, is from brother bear and I've always liked Kamden." I said. "I know that me and Daniel have had some trouble but I'm seriously so excited." I said and he laughed. 

"I'm glad. He really is a good guy." 

"Yeah, I know." 

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