Sequel to The Little Sister. Violet and Daniel are expecting a baby girl but Daniel isn't happy about it. He decides he wants a divorce so Violet gives him what he wants. Violet is thirty weeks pregnant and has to figure out how to raise their daughter on her own.


13. Boy? Girl?




20 weeks pregnant (one month later)


I had work off today because I had a doctors appointment so I had decided to keep Ryder home with me. Ryder was now eight months old and she was getting very very big. She was crawling like a mad women now and she could almost pull herself to stand up. Not sure if she could possibly do that for a few more months but she's getting there. Today we would be finding out the sexes of our babies and I was more than excited to know.

"Ready?" Daniel asked and I nodded my head. He helped me get Ryder ready this morning and we were going to drop her off with Jai while we went to the doctors. This is the first time we were leaving her with anyone besides me or Daniel and I was a little nervous. Mary had offered but I figured my brother's would want to see her so I asked Jai instead. She loved Jai so I figured she would be fine.

"Please, call if you need me." I said passing her over to him along with the diaper bag and she went right to him smiling and planting a big sloppy kiss to the side of his face and then trying to eat his nose.

"I will. Don't worry. She's in good hands." Eve came down the stairs screaming that Ryder was there and Ryder screamed back at her. I quickly left before she saw me so she didn't cry.

"I hate leaving her with other people." Daniel said as she pulled out of the driveway and we headed to the same doctor I've had for over two years now.

"Yeah, me too." I said. For months it was just me and Ryder and I always had her. It feels weird that she isn't with me right now.

"As soon as this appointment is over, we are going to get her."

"I agree." I said. Usually one of us would take the other out to lunch because Ryder would be with us but I physically could not leave her for that long.

Once we got to the doctor we were rushed back into the room to be checked.

"Everything is looking great. Both babies are growing perfectly. One is smaller than the other but is keeping up perfectly fine." She checked a few more things like the size of their heads and how long they were. "Would you like to know the sexes?" We both nodded our heads. "They are both in the same sack so they are the same gender and they are most likely going to be identical." I nodded my head. Great, I won't be able to tell them apart. "And you're having two boys. Congrats." She said smiling Daniel become shouting and jumping around. Before I was even done he opened the door and ran around the office shouting 'they're both boys!'. I laughed at how excited her was. "I'll print these out for you and you'll be on your way." She said and I nodded wiping my stomach off before sitting up.

"Thank you so much and I'm sorry for him."

"This is his first boy isn't it?" She asked and I nodded.

"We have a girl." I laughed. I was so glad he was happy about this and I was even more glad that we got it on camera.

"Well, congrats." She said before leaving and I followed behind her.

"Are you happy?" I asked Daniel when I saw him in the waiting room with some very pissed off people. "I'm sorry for him. These are the first boys." I said before we left.

"I'm so happy. Can we paint the nursery now?" He asked. I've never seen him like this before. He made me so happy. He was never involved when it came to Ryder and I feel horrible about that but he was here now and I was going to make the best of it for our kids.

"We need to pick up our daughter first." I answered and he nodded his head. He rushed over to Jai's house and went bursting through the front door leaving me behind shouted about the babies.

"Congrats." Eve said hugging me when I walked through the front door.

"Thanks." I smiled at her.

"He's very excited." I wasn't sure how but I fell so much more in love with him because of this. Watching him jump around with a sparkle in his eye made me want to cry, I was so in love with him.

"Marry me." I said out loud and he stopped while looking at me.

"What?" He asked shocked. A few weeks ago he asked me to marry him and I said no but now I knew, this was where I was suppose to be. I needed to be with him. I needed to kiss him every day more than once and I needed to sleep next to him and when we get the chance, I need to shower with him and I needed to make sweet love to him and when we wanted, to have rough crazy sex because I was in love with him and I needed him to survive.

"Marry me." I said walking over to him. "I'm in love with you." He smiled at me before kissing me.

"You're serious?" He asked and I nodded my head.

"I'm not sure about anything in this world but you, I'm so sure about you." I answered. He let go of me before getting down on one knee before opening a box.

"I figured I would only do this once in my lifetime but I would do it over and over again for you, will you marry me?" He asked and I smiled.

"Of course I will." This time we were going to do it right and I was sure about that.



"Beau, Jai, Luke, And James are here to help me paint the nursery. Would you like to watch?" He asked and I nodded my head. The nursery would be gray with one blue wall. The twins are sharing a room until they are older and can keep their rooms clean by themselves and also it will be easier this way.

"I'll be up in a minute." I said putting the finishing touches to the scrapbook I was making. Ryder went out with Eve and her friends and I was a little worried but Eve was trying to get pregnant and wanted to take care of a baby and as of right now I'm the only one with a baby before Beau has another and Hayden was also trying.

"Vi! We need to come and look at this color!" I picked out the colors I knew I liked them so why did I need to look at them? I got myself off the couch before heading up the stairs to the room next to mine and Daniels before coming in to check where they painted.

"Oh dammit! It's too dark!" I said. I was actually really upset about it, I loved that color but it was way too dark and when I shut the lights off it would be too dark and I knew it would freak the babies out.

"What are we going to do?" Daniel asked.

"I'll go get a lighter color."

"I'll go with you." Beau offered and we both went downstairs to get out shoes on.

"Can you zip up my boot for me?" I asked. He nodded his head as my belly was almost too big for me to do it and I was too lazy.

"Want me to drive?" He asked.

"Sure." I handed him my keys before we both left with the sample of paint that was too dark to find a lighter one. "I'm so angry that it was too dark."

"To be honest it was kinda ugly too."

"That's what I'm saying!" I laughed. "Ugh it looked so good in the can though."

"Good thing we didn't paint the whole room."

"That's true because I would have made you re-do the whole thing."

"Not for free you wouldn't."

"I'm your sister, you're suppose to help my husband with stuff like this."

"Yeah but he isn't your husband."

"Someday he will be. He proposed."

"Yes I know, you keep reminding me." I laughed. "I'm happy for you though." I thanked him. "I hope it works out this time."

"Yeah me too. I don't think I'll make it out alive this time if it doesn't. I'm halfway through my second pregnancy and he is apart of this one a lot more than he was with the last one." Around this time last year we were preparing for our little girl to enter the world, well at least I was.

"He better stay this time." I don't think we will have a wedding. I think we will just go to city hall and sign the papers saying that we are legally married and go from there. "You're too pretty and nice to be single." He said and I laughed.

"I'm too pretty to be played and cheated on."

"Yeah, I still can't believe that you forgave him for that." I shrugged. People always said that once a cheater always a cheater but fuck that. I can do whatever I please and he is the father of my three children. I can't leave him here. For the last few months he has showed that he's being serious this time. That he is doing everything he can to make this right and if that isn't showing me that he loves me than I don't know what is.

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