Sequel to The Little Sister. Violet and Daniel are expecting a baby girl but Daniel isn't happy about it. He decides he wants a divorce so Violet gives him what he wants. Violet is thirty weeks pregnant and has to figure out how to raise their daughter on her own.


22. Babygirl






I knew that Tinley would be here within the next few hours. I was currently laying in the hospital on my side waiting for Daniel to get here. He was dropping the kids off with Hayden and he better make it on time because this baby isn't waiting for anyone.

"Holy shit." I muttered. Jai and Luke were both in the room with me. "She's coming right now. He needs to hurry." I said. My water broke about thirty minutes ago and usually after my water breaks it takes a while for the baby to come but not this time. She's coming and she's coming right now.

"No, he isn't here. You have to hold her in." Luke answered getting up to come over to me.

"I can't!" I said moving onto my back. I could feel her moving around. "Get the doctor!" I shouted. Whether I pushed or not, this baby was coming.

"Violet, stop pushing!" Jai yelled as Luke ran to get the doctor.

"She's coming right now!" I shouted as I could feel her head making her way into the world. I reached down and I felt the hair on her head and knew that if someone didn't get in here quick, she would be making her way into this Earth with just her mother and uncle. Before I even knew it I felt her shoulder's coming out and that was the worst part so I pushed because there was no way in hell I was going to let her stay like that.

"Violet, she's right there!" Jai said as he helped me hold my legs as I reached down to catch her because she was coming. "Don't pull her out." He said.

"No shit." I mumbled as I pushed her the rest of the way out and I lifted her onto my chest. "Hi, babygirl." I whispered as the doctor came rushing in and helped me clean her and clean her nose and throat.

"We're gonna have to take her to get her cleaned." He said and I nodded kissing her head before laying back in the bed.

"Dude, you just gave birth." Jai said and I laughed nodding my head. Tinley Jayde was born on October 4th at 6:06 p.m. "Skip is going to be so pissed that he missed it." I shrugged.

"He's never seen me give birth to either of his daughters." I answered. I didn't mean to throw shade at Daniel but it was true. He was rarely ever there for either of the girls births and I know that he was excited to be having another baby but it just like threw me off because he seemed to be there for the boys a lot more than he did for Ryder and Tinley.

"I forgot he wasn't there for Ryder's birth." It's been almost five years since Ryder's birth and Daniel has supported her in everything she's ever wanted to do but it was challenging for him to sit down and have a tea party with her. He would rather go and play football with the boys. Towards the end of my pregnancy it was hard to sit down on a little plastic chair with Ryder and I felt horrible because I felt like we were all leaving her behind.

"Can someone call him?" I asked. I knew he was going to be really upset that he missed the birth but he wasn't coming into the room screaming or anything and I was surprised that he didn't make it here on time.

"He's still on his way." Jai said and I nodded my head as nurses came into the room.

"We need to change your bed since you gave birth on it." She said and I nodded my head. I knew I wouldn't be able to stand up on my own, I just gave birth five minutes ago. They helped me out of bed before sitting me in a chair and wheeling the new bed in. Jai and Luke helped me get comfortable.

"I'm so angry that he isn't here." They finally wheeled Tinley into my room.

"Do you have a name for this little girl?"

"Tinley Jayde." I answered smiling.

"How is spelled?"

"Tinley is T-I-N-L-E-Y and Jayde is J-A-Y-D-E." I commented and the doctor nodded her head.

"Last name?"

"Brooks." I answered. I knew that there was a reason why I gave all of my kids my last name. They deserved mine. Daniel's last name wasn't anywhere on their birth certifications, they didn't deserve his last name. I sighed when Eve came through the door with presents and Daniel still wasn't here. "How long is it going to take him?" I asked. I refused to let anyone hold her until Daniel got here.

"I don't know but Beau's in the waiting room." Eve answered.

"Tell him to come in." I answered closing my eyes and resting back a little. I wasn't tired, well I was but not enough to fall asleep.

"Do you want to relax? We can leave."

"No no. It's fine. I'm just a little angry." I answered. "Someone should go and warn him that I'm not happy with him."



I slammed my hands on the steering wheel a few times out of anger. Violet was going to kill me. Not even that but my phone was blowing up from the boys, violet, and twitter.

"Drive faster!!!!" I screamed at the car in front of me. I missed the birth of my second daughter and I knew Violet was going to have my head. When I finally pulled up to the hospital nearly an hour after I dropped the other kids off with Hayden, Beau was waiting for me in the waiting room.

"She's really pissed. I would watch what you say." Beau warned and I nodded my head.

"How is she besides that?"

"She's mad at the doctors too." Beau answered.


"She gave birth with no medication and it was just her and Jai in the room when she did. She caught Tinley herself."

"Are you serious?" I asked and he nodded his head.

"She's beautiful." We both walked into Violet's room. She was laying on the bed with Tinley in her arms and she was breast feeding.

"Hi, Baby." I said kissing her before looking down at Tinley. "She's beautiful." I smiled. There was no doubt in my mind that Tinley looked exactly like Violet. All of the other kids looked like me but she was all Violet.

"I'll yet at you when we get home." She said through her teeth but she was still smiling. I was officially scared for my life.




Tinley was now a week old and Daniel has found himself sleeping on the couch for the past week. Ryder was very protective over the baby whereas the boys wanted nothing to do with her. I'm sure that would change when she was older.

"Violet, please let me sleep in the bed tonight." Daniel said from outside our bedroom door.

"I don't think so." I called from the inside where I had Ryder and Tinley laying next to me.

"Please, Babe. I didn't mean to miss her birth." He called and I could tell he was upset about it but that didn't mean that I wasn't upset with him.

"Don't let him in, Mommy." Ryder was also very angry that he missed the birth. I understood that he was taking care of our other children and that Tinley was in no way shape or form waiting for him but it still angered me because I was in the hospital for several hours and he claimed that he was waiting for them to get ready. He acted like a five year old and two four year olds could get dressed and out the door by themselves and that's why he was late.

"Fine." I sighed. I was super tired from getting up for every feeding all by myself. "But you're doing the feedings tonight." I do breast feed but I pump whenever I get the chance so he can feed her at night. Tonight he was on baby duty.



Around four in the morning, Koda came into our room and threw up all over the floor so of course I had to get up and clean it since Daniel was too tired. I laid Koda in our bed with a bowl and some water just in case. By the time I got every thing cleaned up, it was almost five in the morning and Tinley was awake and crying so I figured I might as well just get up.

"Shhh, everyone else still has time to sleep." Once the other's were up, I knew the house would be insane as soon as everyone was awake and everyone was rushing around to try and get to wherever they needed to be on time. I decided I might as well start on breakfast, there was nothing else I had to do besides feed T.

"Morning." Daniel mumbled as he came down the stairs in his suit and kissed you on the head before going over to Tinley and doing the same.

"Morning." I said handing him a cup of coffee. Koda came down the stairs not long after and laid on the couch. "Koda, breakfast." I said before heading up the stairs to get everyone else up. "Time to get up. Breakfast is on the table." I said shaking them each awake with a kiss. My kids have always been good about getting out of bed in the morning.

"Morning." Daniel said as we all got downstairs together. His plate was already empty and he was getting another cup of coffee. "I'm out of here." He said kissing all of us before heading out the front door.

Once everyone was done eating, I helped them all get dressed, their teeth brushed, and their hair looking decent before I got them all into the car. I wasn't sure how I did that alone while also taking care of a newborn but I did an amazing job.

"Will you walked us in?"

"Don't I always?" I questioned helping Koda out of the car before getting Tinley out. "I will be here to pick you up too." I said as we all stood waiting for the bell to ring. Some mother's came over to fuss over Tinley.

"She's so small." One mom said and I nodded.

"She's very small." I said as we all looked down at the sleeping baby. Tinley was the finishing touch to our family. Daniel would be going to get fixed in a few days. It's something that we talked about before Tinley was born. We both decided that we didn't need anymore babies, that we were complete with our four kids. Our lives were changing everyday but I knew that this was where we belonged. As a family we went through so much but I'm so glad that we did.

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