Sequel to The Little Sister. Violet and Daniel are expecting a baby girl but Daniel isn't happy about it. He decides he wants a divorce so Violet gives him what he wants. Violet is thirty weeks pregnant and has to figure out how to raise their daughter on her own.


15. Baby shower






My brothers have decided that they were going to throw me a baby shower and it was today, but in my backyard of course so I had to set up and clean for the party. Along with this baby shower I was also trying to plan Ryder's first birthday party. I was going to do it a week before Christmas since there was so much going on during that week. 

"Harry and Louis are here." Daniel said to me and I turned around to hug both of them. I was wearing a long pink dress that showed my growing belly nicely. 

"So how many people are going to be here?" Harry asked sitting at the island. 

"I don't know. My brother's were in charge of that." I answered. Okay there was Daniel's family that were flying in. There was my three brother's, their wives, their kids. My grandparents were flying in. Theresa and her kids along with her grandchildren were coming. Some of my brother's friends, some of my friends. "50 or so? Give or take a few." I shrugged getting out some chips. 

"Who did all the decorating?" Louis asked looking around at the blue streamers that I hung around the house. 

"I did." I answered as more guests showed up and I greeted them.

"Where's Ryder?" My aunt asked. 

"She's sleeping. She's cranky." I said laughing. Ryder got very cranky very easily and she would cry a lot. Harry would complain to me all the time that he could hear her crying. She fell asleep on my chest about an hour ago while watching T.V. "She should be up soon." Usually in the afternoon she slept for an hour or two and would go to bed early. Sometimes not and she would be cranky all day long. 

"I'm gonna go get her." She said. 

"Alright but if she's cranky you have to deal with her." I said. There was this thing that I live by, you can wake the sleeping baby but you have to deal with her. Daniel does it all the time and then get's bent out of shape when I don't help him while she cries. 

"I can deal with it." I rolled my eyes. I wish people would just like not wake the baby. Let her sleep. She isn't missing out on anything. 

"What are you doing?" Daniel asked wrapping his arms around me. 

"Nothing, what are you doing?" I asked and he shrugged. "As soon as everyone get's here the game starts." We planned to play a game where we decorated pins in different colors, everyone get's one but if they say baby and someone here's it, they lose the pin and whoever get's the most pins at the end of the night wins the prize which is a 100 dollar Visa gift card. 

"Oh good." He said going into the backyard where most of our guests were. 

"Where are the kids?" I asked Harry and Louis. 

"With my Mum." Harry answered. They were more than welcome to come but I guess they didn't want them to be here. I saw them yesterday and they brought over some gifts. It was very nice of them to do that. "We needed a little break from them." He commented. 

"Yeah, I know how that is." I never got a break. I was working two jobs, trying got raise my daughter and I was pregnant with twins. I never got to just sit and relax and see where this life would take me. I got it all on my own. Of course I'm proud of everything I've done but it wasn't easy getting there and I went through a lot to get where I am today. 

"You and Daniel need a break. Have someone watch Ryder for you so you can have a day out." Louis said and I shrugged. I hated leaving her with other people. I didn't want to bother my brother's because they had so many kids and I didn't trust anyone else to do it. "We can watch her for you." Louis said looking over at Harry who was nodding the whole time. 

"I'll think about it." Harry and Louis have taken care of three kids who all came out great so I would most likely leave Ryder with them and they live right next door so I would be able to get to her quickly if something were to happen. 

"No you won't. You're going out next week and me and Harry are keeping her for the night." I sighed. There was no fighting him.

"Fine." I smiled and they both nodded before they headed out the back door to where our other guests were. Over all it was a good day and I wasn't sure how but somehow Louis and Harry tied in the game we played. I think that they cheated. 




Daniel refused to get ready for our date at our house so he left me here to get ready and he went over to Beau's stating that he would be back later to pick me up. I had dropped Ryder off with Harry over an hour ago and I was finishing curling my hair when the front door opened and closed. 

"You look beautiful." Daniel said when I came out of our shared room. 

"You clean up nice." I giggled as he wrapped his arms around me. He blushed at my words. 

"Let's go. I have something planned." I smiled. Daniel usually has nothing planned so this was a nice surprise. "Now this is going to be about us and not our kids." He said and I nodded my head. I would figure out how to make it about the kids. Does he know who I am? He pulled up to fun to paint. 

"Really?" I asked and he nodded his head helping me get out of the car. It made me feel like a little girl again. "I'm excited." I already knew exactly what I was going to do. 

"You can make this part about the kids if you want." He said. Oh good because I was going to paint the first letter's of their names with their names painted on it. "Do as many as you want." He said. i went right over to where I wanted. 

"I can only find one k!" I said to him getting upset. 

"I'll ask if they have anymore." He was going over to the worker. I know it was stupid to get upset over but I literally wanted to cry. "She's going to check in the back." He said coming over. When she came out with one all smiles I couldn't help but smile and thank her over and over. 

"Thank you so much!" I said taking it from her. 

"No problem!" She said. 

"Babe, what's your plan with these?" Daniel asked when he sat down across from me at the table. 

"I'm just going to paint their names on it and then paint it one solid color." I answered shrugging picking up the water bottle I brought with me and taking a sip from it. "What are you painting?" I asked. 

"A dog." He answered picking up the green paint. 

"Dogs aren't suppose to be green." 

"Violet, it said I could paint it any color I wanted." He said and I shrugged. Whatever floats his boat. He looked up at me and I could feel his eyes watching me. 

"What?" I asked him putting my brush down and looking at him. 

"Nothing. I just really love you." I looked down at my lap smiling. Daniel had done so much wrong in his life. Everyone does. There were some things he did that I should have never forgiven him for and I have no idea why I did. I know i'm stupid. Love makes people do stupid stuff and I can assure everyone that I'm very very stupid. 

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