This is a different kind of a little red riding hood story


2. Weird

       The sun arose and shined bright into my room. I woke up still half asleep. I stared at my ceiling. Why did I have to wake up today? I thought as I sat up on my bed. I heard my door creek open. Adam walked in with the box that my grandma gave me. "Sorry did I wake you?" I Shook my head no. "Okay...well left this on the table last night...I kept it in my room last night, because I didn't want to bug you." He said while putting it on my desk. "Thanks." I mumbled. "What?" "Thanks." I said it louder. "Oh you're welcome..." He started to walk out of my room, but before he reached the door nob I said "Why'd you sick up for me last night?" He turned and his bright hazel eyes looked at my plain brown eyes. "Because a pretty caring girl like you should never be dis-treated like that; especially by her own birth mother." He stood looking down at me. I put my back up against the wall and let my head lay against the wall. "I'm not pretty..." "Yes you are Red." I felt my eyes burn again. Tears started to form and some sneaked out. I felt Adam sit on my bed. His hand landed on my hand. "Why does everyone hate me in this house Adam?" I said as tears poured out. I felt Adam's chest close to mine and his breath so close to my wet lips. "I don't hate you Red..." His lips pressed on mine. "Adam!" Jason yelled downstairs. Adam jumped. "Ummm..." He mumbled while looking at me and then the door. "Sorry...." His hand slipped away from mine. "Wait..." He looked at me. "Red...I can't stay in here....I have to go..." "But why did you kiss me?" "I...I...." "Adam! Get your ass down here!" "I'll tell you later.." And then he just walked out. "Sorry I had to take a major shit dad." I laughed...

       I quickly woke up out of breath, and looked at the time. "4:45 am." I felt sticky from sweat. "Thank God that was a dream." I said out loud while standing up. I walked down stairs to get some cold water to cool me down. The TV was on and Adam was sitting on the sofa watching a movie with two of his buddies. "What are you doing up?" Adam asked. "Just getting a drink is all." "Okay, and you left this box out here...I was going to bring it up to you but I thought you needed to just rest and not be bothered." I nodded my head as I poured water into my cup. I looked up at him. "Thanks." I said as I took the box out of his hands. "Do you want to watch this movie with us?" "No, I'm probably just going to drink this and go back to bed or just read." "Alright, well if you change your mind, you're more than welcome to come back down." I nodded and walked back up to my room. I turned on my light and closed the door. I put my box down on the computer desk and then looked at my phone. I had a couple of texts

Daddy: Hey baby girl, I just wanted to tell you that it was great to see you! We have to do it again (: I love you always pumpkin <3

Me: Yes we do! I love you too dad....

The next text was from Adam.

Adam: I know you won't read this until you wake up but, I just wanted to tell you that you are an important person and you shouldn't let your mom put you down like that....You don't have to reply but I just wanted to let you know....

I didn't reply back, but then I had one more text from my only guy friend Clifton but I call him Cliff.

Cliff: Want to hang out tomorrow? 

Me: Sure but you have to pick me up cause I don't got a car right now.

He surprisingly replied. 

Cliff: No problem! I was just going to take you out of the house for the day. Adam texted me and told me what happen with your mother, and I just think it's best if you get out of the house :) 

Me: Thank you Cliffy you're the best :) Love ya!

Cliff: Love ya too Riley 

  By the way my real is Riley Elizabeth Doris, and my dad nicknamed me Red for short....But anyway, after I texted Cliff I put my phone on the charger and grabbed my book I was reading off my bookshelf. I began to read on from where I left off.

      I had fell to sleep while reading and woke up to Cliff shaking me to death. "What!" I said shooting up. My book fell on the ground. "Get ready...." He said throwing clothes at me. "These aren't clean." "Well then find something clean." "Fine." I stood up and Cliff bent down to pick up my book. He set it on my bookshelf and sat on my bed. "What were you doing up so late last night Red?" "I actually had woken up from a dream that I cannot remember, but I do remember it was weird." I lied I did remember the dream but I didn't want to tell him about it. "Oh, I was just wondering....You're never up that late." "Yea...." I pulled out black leggings and a red and black plaid shirt. "I'm going to shower." "Alright...." Cliff went downstairs to Adam's room and I went into the bathroom. I turned on the water and let it get warm. I began to take off my clothes. I looked at my self in the mirror. I noticed a scratch on my neck. I touched it and it hurt like when you touch a bruise. I turned to the shower and opened up the shower door and stepped in. I let the warm but almost cold water run down my body. I began to wash my hair, and then I heard the door open. I opened the shower door and the door was still closed and locked. "That was weird....." I whispered to myself I closed the shower door, and the felt someone touch my back. I turned and saw this hair beast standing there. I jumped back and my foot slipped from underneath me and I fell hard on the shower floor. I had hit my head against the wall. I put my hand on the forming bump, and moaned from pain. I stood back up and nothing was there. I turned off the water and wrapped a towel around and hurried to my room. I looked at my right hand, which was the hand I was holding my head with. I saw blood. I lightly touched my head and felt a cut on the back of my head. 

      "Adam!" I yelled from my room. He came running up in concern. "What?" I was still in my towel but I didn't care. "I fell in the shower and hit my head on the wall and now it's bleeding." "Let me take a look." He examined my head. "It's a tiny cut, let me get you and ice pack, and I'll clean that up for you so it doesn't get infected." "Okay, I'm going to change tho." "Okay." I closed my door and quickly put on my black leggings and just a black tang-top for underneath the plaid shirt. "Can I come in?" "Yeah." Adam walked in my room and had me sit on my office chair. He started to dab alcohol on the cut. "I had a dream about you last night." "Oh really? What was it about?" "Well you kissed me." Adam chuckled. "Oh okay, that's weird...though." "Yes it was." "I would never kiss you...." "Why?" "Well you're my step-sister and that would be kind of weird if we started to have a relationship...." "I agree, I only asked why because I wanted to hear the reasoning." I'm glad that he would never kiss me....It made me fell relieved.

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