This is a different kind of a little red riding hood story


1. The News


          "Red!" Mother called for me downstairs. I put my book down and walked downstairs. "Yes." I said while rubbing my eyes. "I'm going out tonight...So take care of the twins." "Alright..." My mother handed me some money for pizza and then walked out of the door. I heard screaming in my step-brothers room. "What's going on?" I said while walking into the room. "The twins are just arguing." Adam said with a stern look "About?" "The game." I looked at the t.v. "Really...You're letting them play Grand Theft Auto?" "Yea.." "They're six years old..." "Mommy said we can play it." Jakxson replied. I shook my head and just walked back to my room. I closed my door and picked up my book and began to read on. 

            I heard a knock on my door. "Yes?" "Jakxson hit me." Ivy said. I rolled my eyes and opened my door...."Where's Jakxson?" "In Adam's room." I sighed in frustration. "Okay." I walked down to Adam's room. "Adam...did Jax hit her?" "Yea, he did." "Jax." "What." He said focusing on the game." "Okay...That's it..." I angrily said and then snatched the controller out of his hands. "Give that back!" He yelled. "No! Just go to your room Jakxson!" "NO!" I looked Jax straight in the eyes. "Jakxson go to room, If you can't play nicely with her sister then go play by yourself in your room." I said sternly. "I hate you Red!" He said as he ran to his room. The door slammed. "Does this mean I get to play?" Ivy asked looking up at me. "No Ivy...You both are done playing games today..." "Okay..." She walked out to the living room. Adam chuckled. "Here's your stupid controller." I threw his controller on his bed. I walked out to the kitchen. "Red.." "Yes Ivy." "When are you gonna order pizza." "Right now." "can we get cheese pizza?" "If that's what you want." I smiled at her. "Okay!" She smiled and went back to watching Wreck It Ralph. 

           After I ordered pizza, my mom walked in the house unexpectedly, with my step-dad Jason, "Hey honey." My mom said. "Hey." "Did you order pizza yet?" "Yea just did." "Okay." Jason kissed my mom's neck. "Where's Jakxson at?" Jason asked. "In his room." "Yea, he hates her." Adam said leaning on the wall. "Why?" My mom asked. "He hit Ivy so I took the controller away from, and told to go to his room sternly." "Well..did you check up on him?" "No." My mom rolled her eyes. "I'll go talk to him...." My mom walked down the hall. Jason followed. I looked at Adam. "What..." "Nothing, just when the pizza comes pay him for me... I'll just be in my room." I handed him the money. "You're seriously not going to eat again?" I shrugged and walked back to my room. My phone started to ring. "Hey Grandma." "Hi sweetheart, I have a surprise for you." "Oh..What is it?" "I'm not going to tell. Why don't you come over tomorrow, and I'll give it to you." "Alright. I'll be over around noon." "Sounds good to me." "Well I'll see you tomorrow Grandma." "Well goodnight sweetheart, love you." "Night, love you too." I hung up and put my phone on the charger then went to bed.

         By noon I started to walk to my grandmas house. It was a chilly foggy day. I didn't tell anyone that I left so I hope they don't need me. I walked down this dirt road next to the woods. I walked down the road every time a go to my grandmas. Cars drove down the road too, so I wasn't totally alone. As I walked I felt something following me. I stopped walking. I heard leaves crunch. I turned. Nobody was down there, and there was no cars driving by. I shrugged it off thinking it was just the leaves rattling with the wind. I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see the time. "12:15." I said to myself. I turned to look behind me and there was a guy walking far behind me. Maybe that's who I heard crunching the leaves. I turned back and he was gone. Did I vision that? I turned back. He was still gone...Maybe it was a shadow of a tree or something. 

          I got to my grandma's around 12:45. I walked in her house. "Grandma?" "In the kitchen sweetie!" Her house smelt like  her cooking. I walked in the kitchen. "Hey grandma." I smiled. She smiled back at me. "I have two surprises for you." "Oh you do?" "Yes...and you'll love both of them." She smiled and then rubbed my shoulder. "Stir the soup for me...I'm going to get your first surprise." I shook my head and took the wooden spoon out of her hands. She walked in her back room while I stirred the soup. I heard heavy footsteps walking. I ignored them and continued stirring. "Okay sweetie." I turned to see my dad holding a box. "Dad?" "Hey Red." He smiled. I smiled. Grandma grabbed the box, so I could hug him. "I thought I would never see you again." He rubbed my back. "I know Red I thought the same." My eyes started to water. "I've missed you so so much." "I have too..."I let go. "It's not the same at the house." "Well we'll talk about that in a minute, but here is your other surprise." He handed me the box. "Why don't you two go out in the living room and go open the gift." "Okay mom."Dad said. Me and my dad sat on the sofa. I opened the box. "Are you kidding?" My grandma came out of the kitchen with the soup and sandwiches, she put them on the table. "Grandma..." I pulled out the red hood that my grandma had in her closet. "Are you sure?" "Honey...I have something to tell you."She paused and sighed. "What is it?" My smile went to a worried face. "I....Have a tumor." "Wh...wha....what?" I looked at my dad then looked at my grandma. My dad put his hand on my knee. "What kind of tumor?" "Well it's a brain tumor...." "So, you don't have much longer then?" I started to tear up. "Sweetheart....I'm going in for a M.R.I next week to see how bad it is....Just I want you to keep this red hood....I remember when you were little and you use to always put it on and run around the house." She chuckled. "I want you to have this..." "I'm going to keep it...." "Don't let Jakxson, and Ivy touch it." My dad said. "I won't." "let's eat, I'm starving." My grandma smiled. I couldn't even eat, but I don't know when the next time I'll be able to eat lunch with my dad and grandma again. I stood up and went to the table as I wiped my tears away. My dad sat down next to me and grandma sat in front of us. "So tell us about the family." Grandma said with a smile. I smiled back and said "Well..."

            "Adam...Please just take..." I heard Jason say as I walked into the house after, visiting with grandma and dad. Jason and Adam both shot glances over at me. "Mary!" Jason yelled. My mom came from down the hall. "Oh...Where the hell were you?!" "Just with grandma." "What did I tell you about being over there." "I'm 18 so it doesn't really matter where I go...." "Oh yes it does." "No..." I paused and let out along sigh. "You act like you care about me mom...But you don't and I know you don't, and you know how I know you don't? It's because I'm the kid from MY dad...You know the guy you cheated on." "Red...Get the fuck out of the house now." She said looking at the floor. "Fine...I will." "Woah you can't just kick her out like that Mary." Adam said. "She's 18 right?" My mom said. "Yea, but doesn't mean to just kick your only 18 year old daughter out of the house." Adam looked at me and then back at my mom. "You know every word she said was true Mary..." My mom looked at him coldly. Adam walked towards me. "If she leaves I leave." He rested his hand on my left shoulder. "Son...You just stop it right now." "No dad." I rolled my eyes and just walked out of the house. Fuck this place. I started to walk really fast. "Red!" Adam yelled. I ignored him and just kept walking. My legs started to wobble. I was seriously about to just break down crying. "RED!" Adam ran up to me. As he started to reach for me my legs folded underneath me and I then began to cry my heart out. "Red." Adam came down to my level. "It's okay." "Fuck you Adam! Do you know how it feels to have someone that you love hate you so much for no Fucking reason!" "No...But..." "Then don't tell me it's okay....because I know it's not." I paused to cry harder. "It never will be." Adam held me. "Red look....I may not know how getting kicked out of your own house feels, but I know how it feels not to be loved by you own mother...." I  buried my head in his hard muscular chest. "Can you just kill me..." "No, never." "Why not?" "You belong here..." He rubbed my back. "Come on...." He picked me up and carried me to my room. I wrapped myself in my blanket and looked at my wall. "Red..." "Just go away..." I heard him walk out and close my door.

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