This is a different kind of a little red riding hood story


4. The Cape

         I looked at myself in my mirror to see what the cape looked like on me, but my reflection in the mirror was not me. I was this monster. I fell backward and hit my thigh on the corner of my desk I looked down at my hand and saw that I was just a normal human being. I looked back at the mirror and just saw myself in the dark red cape. I took it off and put it back in the box. I questioned myself about what I saw in the mirror but I just thought maybe I was tired and just needed to sleep. I took off my clothes and put on a pair of comfy shorts and then just a black t-shirt. I turned off my bedroom light and curled up in my bed. The light from the almost full moon shone into my room as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

         The next morning I woke up to my mom and Jason yelling at each other. I stood up out of my bed and opened my door to see Ivy standing there. "What's up Ivy?" "Mom and Jason are being really loud." "Indeed they are...." "Can I hang out in your room?" "Sure let me just go to the bathroom real quick and...." She cut me off. "Can I just go in the bathroom with you?" "Um...I guess but don't look at me." "I won't I promise." "Alright...." Me and Ivy went into the bathroom. Ivy had faced the other direction from me and covered her ears as I went "potty" as Ivy would say. I finished and pulled up my short and flushed the toilet and then went to the sink. She stood by the door until I was done. We both walked into my room. I closed the door and Ivy sat on my bed. "What's in the box Red?" "A gift from my grandma, well also your grandma, but you wouldn't remember her." "Is it grandma Lily?" I turned to look at her. "Yes it is." "I remember her. Mom always said she wasn't my real grandma, it was your real grandma though." "Well yes she wasn't technically your grandma because you aren't my dads kid, but for years he was here he was kind of your dad....Anyway you probably don't understand what I am saying to you." "I do Red....Your dad isn't my real dad Jason is I know that....Mommy told me, but I just don't understand how he is because your dad was here when I was a baby." "Well, you'll find that out later in your life Ivy..." "Okay Red." I sat down at my computer desk with my straightener I flipped open my laptop and put my webcam on so I could use it as a mirror. I started to straighten my hair, until Cliff started to call me. I picked up my phone, "Hey Cliff...." "Hey, how have you been?" "Well last night was tough, but you know, I know that my grandma wouldn't want me spending my life weeping over her death....I haven't cried today yet, but I know I will..." "Of course she wouldn't....Red it's gonna take a while for you to get over her death, because when my older brother died in war I cried myself every night for about almost two month." "Dying sucks...." "Indeed it does....Hey, I was wondering if I could just come over there and hang out with you?" "Sure...I need company." "Alright well I guess I'll head over there soon. I'll text you and let you know when I'm on my way." "Okay bye." "Bye." I hung up and continued straightening my hair. "Are you and Cliff together?" "Nope...." "Oh...." 

             After I straighten my hair I walked downstairs to my mom and Jason yelling. I got to the frig and then turned around to look at them both and said, "Can you two please shut up already....." Jason shot a glance at me. "I don't know who the fuck you are Riley but let me tell you something I am sick and tired of the way treat both of us!" Jason came up to me and raised his right hand. Adam pushed him up against the wall and said, "You lay a hand on her I will fuck you up..." My mom left, and then Jason left. "Thanks Adam." "Yea....." Then he walked back to his room. I walked back up to my room and Ivy was still sitting on my bed but this time she was reading something. "What are you reading?" "You have a crush on Cliff?!" "You're reading my stupid diary?!" "Yesss...." I shook my head and took it out of her hands. "And yes Ivy I do, but it's a secret....." "Okay..." I put my diary back were it was and then looked at my phone I had a text from Cliff saying that he was on his way. Which he sent that like five minutes ago, so he would be her in ten minutes. Ivy left my room so I went to living room .

            About fifteen minutes later Cliff came in with donuts. "I bought breakfast for everyone." He yelled. The twins came running out of there room. "Donuts!" Jaxson yelled. I grabbed a plate and gave Jaxson a donut and then I gave one to Ivy. "Thank you Cliff!" Ivy said and then sat down at the table. Adam came out and grabbed a Glazed donut and then went back into the room. After me and Cliff ate one of the donuts with the two kids me and him went into my room. "Thanks for breakfast Cliff." "No problem....I mean I can free donuts because my parents own that shop." He smirked. "Well no duh....I remember in high school you would bring in donuts all the time." "Of course I did....I was trying to get the lady's....If you know what I mean." He wink and nudged me with his elbow. "Yeah and that got you no where." I smirked. "Of course it did....I still have you don't I?" He smirked and chuckled. "Shut up Cliff." I paused and looked at the cape. "Something is weird about this cape." Cliff looked at the box. "What do you mean?" I turned to look at him. "Nothing...I think it was just a dream..." "It probably was...." I nodded, but I knew it wasn't a dream, I just didn't know how to put it in words. "So remember when we were on the beach and you were gonna tell me something....What were going to tell me?" I asked while sitting in my office chair. Cliff sat down on my bed and I moved closer to him.  "Well....I'm just say this fast and get it over with....I like you a lot Red....I like you so much that I even broke up with Brittney for you...." My eyes got big. "Ummm, well.....Just wow, how long have you liked me?" "Since tenth grade....So a good three years." "That's when you and Brit were together." "Yup...I honestly only dated her to make you jealous." I chuckled. "Please I'm not a jealous person Cliff." "Yeah, I found that out the hard way Red." "Anyway Cliff I always liked you too." "Seriously?" "Yes seriously...I've always liked you."  "Awesome....Want to be my girlfriend now?" "Not just yet Cliff....I'm just not ready to commit in a serious relationship. Especially now that my grandma is dead now...." "I understand Red...I'll wait for you..." 

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