This is a different kind of a little red riding hood story


5. Questions

               A week or so later me and dad went over to my grandmas house to clean it out. I was in her closet putting things in boxes when a note fell from the shelf. I opened it up and it read; 
  Dear Red, 
I'm not sure how to put this but just ask your dad....You should know what I mean....
I studied the letter and tried to think what she was hinting at. My dad walked in. "Shiiiit....You found it..." "What does she mean dad?" "The cape....It's all about the cape." He paused and we looked at each other. "Have you seen it...." "The monster...." "Yes....That's really you." "What?!" "Okay, this is going to be weird but, you're a werewolf....You change when you wear that cape...." "You're joking right?" "No I'm not...." "So when I turn will you be able to see the red cape on me?" "No, it doesn't show....Only you and your pack of werewolf's will see is....The cape color identifies what pack you belong with." "So does mom know about this?" "Yes....That's why we left each other....She thought I was weird and psycho." "Has she seen you in the form..." "No....But I've seen her in her form." "She's one of them?" "Oh yea, she's the worst kind....Why do you think she secretly hates you? Because she senses that you are from the red cape pack....Your mother is a werewolf that is just a killer....She won't remember doing any of it...She would just think it is a dream and brush it off.....One night when you were born she was in your room. I woke up to you screaming, so I walked into the room and saw her staring at you and I knew she was going to eat you. I had to do something so I pushed her through the window. Her nail scratched your leg and that's why you have that big scar on your upper leg. Your mom the next morning woke up just feeling pain in her back. I told her what happen that night and she brushed it off....And this is why I didn't leave until you were older." "So do we kill like her or what? And am I a mixture?" "Luckily for you you take after me and my side of the family....We only kill when necessary....We are like the watch dogs pretty much." "Could I possibly turn into mom?" "Maybe....But that's only if you like killing and you don't remember killing things that night like her....Hopefully you won't....Another thing your mom may try to control you...and try to make you be a killer, but don't let her...Keep her words out of your head..." "This is weird....So is like human beings werewolf's or...." "Don't know, my mom told me that everyone as some sort of weird transformation....But she wasn't for sure." "Oh....Okay so let me tell you this....One day I was in the shower I heard the door open but when I looked to see if someone was in there the door was closed and locked, well when I turned around I saw that beast. What's that about?" "Okay that's weird, the only thing I can tell you is that maybe someone did come in. I don't know that's weird." "I don't know either.....But I'm a werewolf....That's pretty cool." I smirked and continued to take down boxes. "Well, I'll leave you be." "Okay...." 

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