This is a different kind of a little red riding hood story


3. Grandma

             After Adam cleaned the cut I continued to get ready. Cliff came in my room while I was doing my makeup. "You know if you ever do get kicked out, I have an empty guess room in my apartment that you can sleep in for free." "Thanks Cliff, I'm sure I will, but I hope I don't." I finished with my makeup and looked over at Cliff. He stood up and walked up to me. "Riley you mean a lot to me, and I don't want anything bad to happen to you....I'm serious, about the room, and what I just said to you...Okay?" "Okay Clifton...." "Now let's go have some fun." 


           It was getting toward's the end of the day so me and Cliff just walked a long the beach for a little bit. He put his arm around my shoulders as we walked on the sand. "I swear today went by so fast." I said looking down at the sand. "Yeah it did...I had a good time today." He grabbed my hand and pulled me over. "Let's just sit on the sand for a while." "Alright." We sat down on the sand and just watched the sunset. "I'm going to have a lot of sand on my butt." I said with a chuckle. Cliff chuckled and said, "Red, I think I need to tell you something." "What's that?" "Well...I...." Before Cliff could finish what he was going to say me, my phone began to ring. "Hold that thought Cliff." It was my dad calling. I quickly picked it up and said, "Hi dad, what's going on?" "It's grandma she went to the hospital just now....All I know is that she collapsed on her kitchen floor, and I think she had a stroke or something....If you can make it soon, please get to the hospital!" "I'm on my way!" I looked at Cliff once I hung up. "My grandma....." I paused to stand up. "She went to the hospital....and..." "Okay lets go..." We ran to the car as quick as we could. We got to the car and Cliff started it up the peeled out of the parking lot.

        We both rushed into the hospital. I saw my dad sitting in the waiting room, so I darted up to him. "Where's grandma?" I said catching my breath. "She's in one of the rooms, doctors are trying to see what's going on. They told me that she may not wake up today, and maybe never again." My dad seemed very calm, but I know he was only being calm because of me. I slumped down in one of the seats. Cliff sat down next to me and my dad sat in the seat in front of me. Cliff massaged my shoulders and my dad just looked at me. "She's a strong women..." He said. I nodded in agreement. A doctor walked into the waiting room. "Nathan?" My dad stood and walked up to the doctor. They both stepped outside the waiting room to talk. "She's dead...." I said out of know where. "What makes you think that?" Cliff asked. I sharply turned around and looked at him. "I can just sense it....I don't know why...I just know she's dead Cliff." "Well you don't know that for sure." "Okay, I'll prove it Cliff." I walked out to the doctor and my dad. "Excuse me...But I'm her granddaughter and I know she's dead, isn't she?" The doctor went white and his eyes widened. He looked at my dad and then shot his eyes back at mine and said, "She is....I'm sorry, we did everything we could do, but she waited to long and the tumor got worst. She called off her doctor appointment today, she had told us she was going out of town for work and that she had to go, and from what we can tell she did have a stroke...." "So wait who knew that she had collapsed at her house?" I asked confused. "I did, I went over there to take her to her doctor's appointment today, and when I walked in she was laying on the kitchen floor, I wasn't sure what the hell happen." The doctor nodded apologized again, and then we left. Cliff took me back home, and my dad went to grandma's house. 

           I got into the house and walked up to my room. I flicked on the light and closed my door. I sat down on my bed and started to take off my shoes. I heard someone knock on my door. "It's Adam." "Come in." Adam walked in and with a plate that had grilled chicken and mashed potatoes on it. "I thought you would be hungry." "I'm not actually, but thanks." "Oh alright.... Can we just talk for a couple minutes?" "Sure." "Well that dream you told me about well, I had the same dream last night...." He sat down on my floor and looked up at me. "Weird...." "I didn't tell you when you told me about your dream because Cliff came in." "Yea, but that is weird...." I paused and looked at him. "My grandma died...." His eyes got big. "That's horrible..... I'm so so so sorry Red." He got up and hugged me. "I'm gonna miss her for sure...." I held back the tears until I was alone, I just don't like to cry in front of people. "I'm sure you are..." He looked down at me and continued, "I'll leave you a lone....I am sorry about your grandma." I said nothing and then he took the food I didn't want and left me alone in my quiet room. I looked over at my computer desk and saw the box. I walked up to it and opened it. I pulled out the cape and put it on. 

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