Apartment 406

With the spare room now free of drums, guitars and boxes full of things they didn't really need, the room was free to rent. And what was the point in wasting a decent sized room when someone could be paying to live there; helping with money. The 4 boys agree on posting an ad in the paper in hopes that someone would be crazy enough to move in.
But the ad missed out one tiny detail. And when the only replicant turned up to apartment 406, they realised that they should have mentioned that one small factor.
Because Alex wasn't a he, but a she.
And how would one girl living with 4 boys possibly be straight forward?


11. the date

Alex's POV

I went to get ready for mine and Calum's date. I had a shower, blow dried my hair and curled it in beach waves, put on my black and white bikini with a pair of black short shorts and a 'ur annoy-ing' crop top from fresh tops. I then slipped on my black flop flops and ray bans and headed out the door.

I went to the sitting room and saw Calum waiting patiently for me. "Sorry I'm late" I apologised.

"Not a problem, beautiful" he replied.

*at the beach*

Calum set down the blanket and we started to eat. We talked about random things then decided to go in the water. I took my shorts and t shirt off revealing my bikini causing some boys nearby to wolf whistle. Calum tensed up beside me, put his arm around my waist and gave them the death glare.

We were playing around in the water when 'mr steal yo girl' started playing and one of the boys from earlier swam up behind me and carried me away. When he'd carried me to the shore, he tried kissing me, which caused Calum to flip. He punched him in the jaw and said "go get your own girlfriend instead of stealing mine thank you very much".

*back home*

"Sorry about hat thing with those boys" I said sadly.

"It wasn't your fault babe" he replied.

"That's actually happened before" I laughed.

"I know your gorgeous…but why so many?"he asked,confused.

"Calum,I'm a.."

Cliffhanger! I'll update tomorrow! I'll not be able to on Sunday coz I've got dance all day xx

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