Apartment 406

With the spare room now free of drums, guitars and boxes full of things they didn't really need, the room was free to rent. And what was the point in wasting a decent sized room when someone could be paying to live there; helping with money. The 4 boys agree on posting an ad in the paper in hopes that someone would be crazy enough to move in.
But the ad missed out one tiny detail. And when the only replicant turned up to apartment 406, they realised that they should have mentioned that one small factor.
Because Alex wasn't a he, but a she.
And how would one girl living with 4 boys possibly be straight forward?


4. meeting alex

Ash's POV

Me and the boys were sat playing fifa and eating pizza when the phone rang.

"Hello?" I asked nervously.

"Hi, is this the number for the room in apartment 406?" The caller replied.

"Yes, it is! Are you interested in renting it?"

"Yes! Do i need to come over for an interview or anything before?"

"No. Just come over with all of your things tomorrow at 1:00"

"Ok, see you then!"


"Alex" the caller said.


Alex's POV

"Mum! Ive found a place to stay!" I yelled down the stairs.

"Good! Now pack your bags and leave"

"Ive got until tomorrow at 1:00"

"Ok" she huffed.


*1:00 the next day*

Ash's POV

*knock knock*

"Who's that?" Mikey asked, not looking up from the tv.

I walked over and opened the door and a girl about our age spoke up and said "hi, im alex"

Part 3 later xxx

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