Apartment 406

With the spare room now free of drums, guitars and boxes full of things they didn't really need, the room was free to rent. And what was the point in wasting a decent sized room when someone could be paying to live there; helping with money. The 4 boys agree on posting an ad in the paper in hopes that someone would be crazy enough to move in.
But the ad missed out one tiny detail. And when the only replicant turned up to apartment 406, they realised that they should have mentioned that one small factor.
Because Alex wasn't a he, but a she.
And how would one girl living with 4 boys possibly be straight forward?


12. I'm a…

Calum's POV

(Back at the beach)

Alex and I sat and ate and talked for a while, then went into the sea or a bit. While she was taking her shorts and t shirt off, revealing her bikini, some boys next to us wolf whistled at her. I quickly wrapped my arm around her waist protectively and gave them the death glare before leading her to the sea.

After us playing around in the water for a bit, 'mr steal yo girl' started playing and before I could even stop them, one of the boys from earlier was carrying her to the shore...trying to kiss her! That was it for me. I punched him in the jaw, wrapped my arm back around Alex's waist and told him to go and get his own girlfriend instead of stealing mine.


When we got back to the apartment , Alex apologised about what happened at the beach...what is she even apologising for?

"You don't have to apologise babe" I replied.

"That happens all the time…it's so annoying" she said.

"I know your absolutely gorgeous. But why so many?" I asked her.

"Calum, I'm a…"

Alex's POV

I'm gonna have to tell him I thought to myself.

"Calum, im a.." I began.

"You're a what? Alex, your scaring me now."

"Where I come from, I'm a triple threat, and a really famous one." I said with my head down.

He lifted my head up gently with his fingers.

"That's amazing Alex, but your a triple threat in what?" He asked, getting excited now.

"Dance, singing and modelling" I said looking into his eyes.

"That's so cool! You have to sing for me sometieme"

"I will Calum"


So Alex is a famous triple threat!

Who saw that coming?

Updates later xxx

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