That Summer

Lucy and her best friend Amy are going on there fist holiday together for Amys 18th birthday with no mothers or fathers to watch. They meet new friends and have a unforgettable time but is new friends all the girls find?


4. the first item we meet

Me and Amy take so long to get ready, and that's only because we mess about as we get dressed and do are hair and stuff. And dance to are favourite songs.

Amy got ready with 5 minuets to spare but I couldn't fine my earrings anywhere and I couldn't leave them so she agreed to help me look for them.

Just as Amy shouted she has found one there was a knock at the door I ran to Amy and she handed me the earring and when to answer the door.

"Thank you" I said still in search of the other one.

"How could you lose them we've only been here one night" she laughed and oped the the door.

"Hey come in" Amy said showing only three boys in to sit down on the bed "luc this is Michael"

"Hi I'm Lucy" I said as I held my hand out

"Nice to meet you Lucy I'm Michael and there's are my friends" he replied shaking my hand he "this is Calum and Ashton, Luke is on his way he's just running late"

"Hi nice to meet you" I said shaking the boys hands

"Hey" they replied

"so are you girls ready to go?" Asked Calum

"I am but Lucy's lost her earring so.." Amy said

"You lot can go and I'll met you there I won't be long" I said and smiled

"Are you sure luc?" Amy asked sounding unsure

"I'll be fine" I told her and stated to push her out if the door

" okay if you sure but don't be long" she replied and picked up her phone

"She'll be fine Luke is probably on his way and you can walk down with him" Michael said to calm Amy down

"See Amy now go or there's no point in going" I said and watched as she walked and when out of the room "see you in abit" I shouted and closed the door.

I had to admit I was a bit nervous of the thought of the boy.. I mean Luke being in my room alone with me I don't know him and he didn't know we what am I going to say?

I continued my search for my other earring which I still have no idea how I lost it! I started to look under my bed when there was a knock on the door and looked up fast and hit my head my hart was racing. I got up and walked to the door rubbing my head.

And there he was standing there in my doorway looking so fit his eyes sparkled in the light and my hart was beating out my chest. I don't know this boy but he has such a big effect on me it was crazy.

"Hi I'm Luke is Michael here" he spoke soft and I could see his foot moving about as if he was unsure and nervous with what he said.

"Hey yeah he was but the went down I'm just about to go but iv lost my earring you can go down if you want or you can stay I don't mind" I said rather quiet because I felt rather foolish for say iv lost my earring and only spent one night here

"I'll stay and help if you want then we can walk together?" He smiled

I showed him in and he stated looking.

"Hey I found it had fell behind the tv" he said and passed me the earring.

"Thank you" I said "oh I forgot my names Lucy"

"Well Lucy are you ready to go?" He asked

"Yep let's go" I garbed my phone and we head out to the part.

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